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Rotary Club of Awka holds fellowship



MEMBERS of the public have been told to be responsible citizen journalists especially now that smart phones and access to social media is within reach of almost everyone.

In a lecture entitled Journalism in a Social Media Era; Vital Synergy in the nation’s security, delivered by Ejike Agbata at the Rotary club of Awka Smithtown Fourth Special Club Fellowship for the month of July, he charged members of the public to be wary of information they release on social media, especially those whose source cannot be verified.
He condemned attitude of copying, pasting and sending of unverifiable information that could cause a lot of harm to a person, religion or tribe. “It is one thing for you to want to inform the public, but question is, can you defend the information you pass around if you are called upon to do so?” Rotarian Agbata noted that everyone who has a smart phone with access to social media is a citizen journalist only that people have done more harm than good by reporting falsehood.
He however commended increasing awareness of use of social media for positive use, noting that through social media, people have been able to report cases like police and army brutality to those in authority without being at the police station.
He sighted case of the disabled from Ebonyi State, who was brutally assaulted by the military in Onitsha for adorning a camouflage gear noting that if not for efforts of citizen journalists who recorded the assault on their phones and made it go viral, the case won’t have received the attention it got from the military authorities.
Responding, President of the Club, Tochi Amalu thanked Rotarian Agbata for the lecture, noting that they are better equipped to serve the public through their phones, while noting that topic is apt.
Highlight of the lecture was presentation of a souvenir to Rotarian Agbata by the club.

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