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Obiano will make Anambra Africa’s Dubai – Obidiegwu



IN commemoration of Anambra State’s 27 years anniversary, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Events, Chido Obidiegwu has stated that Governor Obiano’s aim is to make Anambra State the Dubai of Africa.

The governor’s aide said were it not for Governor Willie Obiano’s tenacity, pedigree and exposure, the foundation laid by the previous government would not have yielded any positive result.

Mr. Obidiegwu noted that placing Anambra State side-by-side other states that were created on same day, Anambra towers above them. “If you look at the security situation in Anambra, before His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano assumed the mantle of leadership, at a point, Anambra was perceived as a pariah state. People would hardly invest in Anambra State because they are not sure the government in the state could be trusted, returns on their investment, they were not too sure of, so you can see what happened as soon as Willie Obiano took over leadership and first point of action was ensuring that there is security of life and property which by extension could also speak to security of investment.”

So that was able to give traction and confidence to the government for people to come in to invest.
He further added that as a result of the governor’s efforts in making the state secure, the Inspector General of Police, during that period adjudged Anambra State the safest state in the country. “His Excellency has won several awards in respect to that and those states that were created the same day with Anambra cannot claim to have that accolade or applause given to them so there’s no way you can compare Anambra State with those other states, in terms of development and security begat a lot of other things in Anambra State.”

He commended the governor for giving Awka status of a state capital, adding that the capital city used to be a glorified village.
He went on to say that in the past four years, the state has not recorded any case of bank robbery noting that these are gains of Governor Obiano’ investment in security. He added that in terms of education, Anambra State leads, making reference to pupils of Regina Pacis Secondary School in Onitsha, Anambra State who conqured the world at the Silicon Valley, United States where they came tops in a robotic and scientific competition.

On his ambition to represent Ihiala Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Mr. Obidiegwu said members of his constituency yearn for his services and he has no option than to yield to that call.

“I want to tell people that I am not a professional politician but I am a professional in politics and what is my profession, my profession is public speaking. My people told me that the representation we have at the Federal House of Representative is like minus one, that they have somebody who appears to be dumb in representing them in a constituency where they have somebody like me who what I do for a living is public speaking.”

He noted that he is already making inroads in his constituency, having visited all the wards in Ihiala, reaching out to the grassroots as he assured that though there are other contenders, he is more fit for the job.
“You do not learn how to swim in an ocean. Among the people contesting with me, I think I am the one who is at home with the ocean. I am the one who can swim comfortably in the ocean. They could do well in swimming pools and in some streams but when it comes to the ocean which is the House of Representative, by virtue of my professional pedigree, experience and exposure, I am the one who has the capacity to do that.”

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