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BEARDS: How fashionable?



IT seems beards are trendy in men’s fashions. Its continued and even increasing popularity for beards styles says it all. With the information gathered, it seems that guys, particularly younger one’s are comfortable using facial hair as a fashion accessory.

There is a very large range of facial hair that guys are wearing these days. The popularity of facial hair has led to an explosive growth and it is also a key desire for some guys to keep their beards soft and well groomed. Some are very interested in taking care of their beards, and most importantly, the skin underneath their beards to ensure that they can be comfortable without itching.

A properly groomed and trimmed beard is more fashionable, disclosed Chike Okoye from Awka, during an interview on how growing beards is fashionable. He also said that in early 80s, they saw men that wear beards as irresponsible, but these days it’s all about sporting of beards of various sizes and shapes. The interest in beards maintenance has increased among men. They are absolutely paying more attention to grooming beards. This has a lot of benefits, including giving guys a competitive edge in the work place and among their female and male friends.

However, he said that it would not be acceptable by him if someone said he or she was not impressed by some of the beards men were sporting. Beards that are properly groomed and well kept are still favoured and looks awesome.

Mr. Cletus, a barber from Awka, said that improving the quality and conditions of beards and generally, making one feel better, “we have to stay focused on educating ourselves (bear wearers) on getting the product that will help them, a quality facial cleanser, a shaving product that would not dry out skin but protect against razor burn, and use beards balm to keep it fresh, clean and smelling good”.

He also said that for guys who were struggling to grow their facial hairs, “you only need to do the following which include, Keeping your skin clean, removing any flaky or dry skin, getting plenty of rest, trying exercises to manage stress and matching your beards to your face shape and knowing how and when to trim.

However, he said that some of these might inspire bad beards, whereas others might give you a nice boost of confidence depending on how you go about it. Selection of beards styles leads to selection of care product.

Favour from Awka said she didn’t fancy the idea of men wearing beards. “Moreover it makes them look older than their age”. She also said that most celebrities like Pete Edochie that wear it play some kind of roles that makes it look good on them which means there is no reason for one to emulate him (Pete Edochie).

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