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Nnewi Anglican Diocese marks All Saints Day in style



CHRISTIANS have been joined to live exemplary livese that will vindicate them at life and death.
Preaching a sermon during the celebration of this year’s All Saints Day at St. Mary Cathedral-Nnewi, Most Rev G.I.N. Okpala ,Archbishop, Province of Niger and Bishop, Diocese of Nnewi, reminded Christians that those early missionaries including the Biblical Saints sacrificed their lives for the emancipation of punitive paganic and idolatry worship.

Archbishop Okpala pointed that the church and these undaunted missionaries did a lot to cleanse unpalatable norms the dark ages of the past deposited.

He said that All Saints Day had remained a day of remembrance of the scourge and humiliation early missionaries absorbed to win the agreeing hearts of then paganic and idolatry leaders that knew nothing about Christianity and worshiping of the true God.

The Remembrance Service took a commendable dimension as those early Christians that stood courageously to stamp Christianity, now late in the Diocese of Nnewi, were duly remembered by their surviving children and relations.

Highlight of the day was the participation of Igwe Dr Kenneth Orizu of Nnewi, who appreciated the noble and peace reign his late father, Igwe Josiah Orizu ii, maintained in Nnewi. He said that his late father was the major instrument that enabled the people of those days and neighbours to embrace Christianity . Others participated with tribute galore to the faith filled battle their late fathers waged to let in Christianity.

The members of Anglcan Men’s fellowship (AMF) were in their regalia, led by their chairman,Sir Felix Okechukwu. They were the main hosts of the day’s programme.

A book known as ‘The Faith’ which was launched at the event added glamour to the days activities in the diocese.
Sir Felix Okechukwu told our correspondent at the end of the day’s activities that they appreciated as an innovation, the harsh labour their late early Christians overcame to bring Christianity to respective villages in Nnewi. He thanked Archbishop Okpala for his fatherly warmth at the day.

He thanked also those that came to share the fruits of the labour of Saints, especially children of the early Christians in the Diocese of Nnewi. He revealed that the innovation of giving children of late early Christians opportunity to appreciate the past services their fathers rendered in God’s Vineyard will be an annual event during yearly All Saints Day celebrations.

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