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The failed impeachment



The failed attempt to disrupt the peace of the House of Assembly in Anambra State has exposed the desperation of those eager to take the state come 2019.

There were claims and counterclaims for the failed coup attempt, but suffice it to say that it betrayed yet another subterfuge by certain politicians eagar to feather their nests at the cost of public good.

Yes there was anger over the shenanigans that defined the APGA primaries across states of the Southeast,  but they were not enough to occasion forced impeachment, especially when the process of reconciliation is on.

At best, the anger can be vented at the polls.  

Although there is nothing to advocate for in that  sham of an election, yet a circuitous journey to derail governance by first impeaching the Speaker was uncalled for.

It may not be public knowledge, but soon after the internal party elections, the hawks in the opposition PDP party desperate to have a foothold in Anambra invited the aggrieved aspirants to a meeting in Abuja.

It should be made clear here that since the PDP alloted the VeePee position to the Southeast not a few persons have converted.

A certain political height was assumed to have been attained by a few unthinking politicians of Igbo extraction.

But the PDP is not flattered.  It knows not to sit still and hope to swing victory to itself.

Realizing the importance of of swaying support of a sitting governor,  efforts were made to lure Gov. Obiano over.
Two things stood in the way. One APGA has a presidential candidate which it is not ready to disappoint.  

Two the governor was not ready to work for a party whose success signposts the end of his political career.

Don’t forget that the PDP preferred to work with his predecessor in 2015 against better political judgement.

From the benefit of hindsight the party knew how difficult it is, playing down a sitting governor and more so when it is no longer in power.

The early meetings with the aggrieved APGA House Members in Abuja were the other leg of the big plan to take Anambra.

Five days to the D day,(the failed impeachment) a delegation of the PDP was in Awka to perfect the  circuitous journey of impeaching the Governor. Unfortunately, it failed to do things right.

In their desperation to achieve the premeditated script, Uzoezie and Oseke failed to follow the rule.  One they did not have 2/3 of the members needed to effect the change.

Two impeachment is not secured by voice vote.  Three the purported signature of a good number of members were forged.

Four and the biggest mistake of the “new kids on the block” was the failure to convince the Clerk of the House.  He could not swear in the “new Speaker”.

What happened at the floor of the House on the day at best was that Oseke impeached himself because he ceded his seat to Uzoezie. It is not clear how Oseke hopes to retain his seat when the House reconvenes.

It may be a long winding road for the State, but it sure will end in praise.  The new “kids on the block” will sooner than later realize that history will be unkind with them if they continue to spit into the house.

They must realize the burden of leadership weighs heavy on their shoulders and buckle up.

This is not the time to pander to an interest that does not support the aspiration of the Igbo man in totality.

Joseph. C. Nwokoye


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