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‘Shagari: Anambra lost a great friend’



Anambra State has lost a great friend with the passing away of Ex-President Shehu Shagari on Dec. 28.

This was part of a statement released by Mr C Don Adinuba, Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, who said the ex-President Shagari put his emphasis on meritocracy and found Onye-Anambra as devoted compatriots to help him to carry out his vision.

“It took the gumption of the former president to nominate the hugely cerebral Anambra son, Dr Alex Ekwueme, as his Vice-President.

“He refused to bend the knee to negativists who raised unnecessary issues about not trusting any person from the other divide of the unfortunate civil war with state power.’’

Ex President Shagari worked effectively with Dr Ekwueme to give Nigeria a participatory democracy that accommodated all sections of the vast country from 1979 to 1983.

“Shagari’s belief in Ekwueme led to his re-nomination of the renowned architect, historian, town planner, sociologist, lawyer and philosopher for the second tenure which they won before the military tragically truncated democratic rule.

“But for the military coup, Shagari had placed Ekwueme on the saddle to succeed him as President which would have effectively put an end to the marginalisation agitations following the civil war.’’

Alhaji Shehu’s insistence on excellence also led to his appointment of a number of gifted Anambra

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