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‘Ransom never stopped terrorism in the world’



A PROFESSOR of law and legal practitioner, Ken Nwuba, has decried the practice by the federal government by continuing paying ransom to the dreaded Islamic insurgents and terrorists, Boko Haram for the release of kidnapped Chibok, Dapchi girls and lecturers which is contrary to the norm the world over.

Nwuba, who spoke to National Light against the backdrop of failure of the federal government to negotiate the release of a Christian girl, Leah Shaibu, almost one …of her kidnap along with her colleagues in Dapchi Girls Secondary School, contended that going by the experiences of terrorists gambits and antic, ransom payment has never deterred terrorists and insurgents from indulging in their nefarious and criminal activities.

He said: “There are straight rules, age-long tested rules and practices and conventions about the issue of ransoms to terrorists and insurgents demands. Payments of ransom to terrorists’ demands escalate the demands of the terrorists as seen in various parts of the world, taken into consideration what happened in other countries before we started experiencing terroristic activities in Nigeria. In America, Canada, South-East Asia, Sri-Ranka where there are liberation enclaves like Tamil Tigers; and other areas like Middle-east, the Palestine liberation organization and other areas.

“Once you start paying ransom, you can be sure that the country will be overrun by terrorist. You don’t pay ransom; and if you follow it systematically and scientifically by way of going into analysis of history and historicity, you discover that you don’t pay ransom to curb terrorist gambits. When you pay ransom, it means that you are trying to establish the practice of coming to conference table with terrorists. You can’t negotiate with terrorists because what they pursue is to make sure that they enthrone their regime or anarchy”.

The professor of law maintained that the moment any government caves in to the demand of paying ransom and sundry curious demands for any reason at all, the government is ipso facto signing its death warrant.

On the backdrop that led to the kidnap of Chibok and Dapchi girls and the prevarication on the release of the only Christian girl, Leah Shaibu, which apparently signified religious undertone of the alleged stage managed kidnap, the legal luminary deplored the apparent rigmarole of the federal government on the promised efforts to release the lone girl and appealed to the federal government to come clean on the lingering issue to assuage the agony of the parent of the Christian girl and douse the religious undertone of the prevarication.

He contended: “The attitude of the federal government is very suspicious because a situation where the security agencies allegedly went into sleep which enabled the insurgents to swoop on the two girls secondary schools only for the federal government to start negotiating to paying of ransom means that there are moles within the executive arms of government as the former President Goodluck Jonathan had alleged

“It means that the hands that are managing insurgency in the country, namely the Ministry of Defense, the Army bosses or the Service Chiefs have skeletons in their cupboards. And the fact that the federal government approved payment of ransom to these terrorists is a way of saying, ‘yes come, terrorists, let’s talk, let’s see how two of us can combine and continue to rule the country’; because you cannot stop insurgency by paying ransom. “The more you pay ransom the more the insurgency and terrorism escalate. The global best practice is to make sure that the soldiers are equipped with modern weapons to confront the terrorists and have the upper hand instead of the cowardly option of paying ransom which is fraught with covert deals.

Nwuba further said that it was only competent and versatile leaders of countries that can detect and ignore the antics of religious extremist and insurgents and design effective strategies to defeat them. “Only the resolute force of a lion can stem terrorism or can make terrorism be reduced to the barest minimum in a polity. For a country to start paying ransom each time kidnapping occurred even if it is a hoax is bye to that regime. The terrorists will continue to hammer them”.

He reasoned from experience that all those ransoms being made by regimes to stop terrorists from killing their captors have never had deterring effects. “They are becoming more ferocious; even when the federal governments continue to accept to be paying the ransom; it doesn’t stop the terrorists from striking.

“Buhari being a retired military man is supposed to know the nitty-gritty of curbing insurgency. Instead, President Goodluck regime was more effective in counter insurgency and more open”, the legal icon asserted.

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