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Get what you need, vote APC –Nweke



MAYI know your name Sir?
My names are Hon Emmanuel Nweke a candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC), running for Awka North and South Federal Constituency.

Is this your first chance?
No. I’ve been out there various times, contested to represent my senatorial zone and the constituency in other platforms but this is the first time I am contesting to represent my constituency in All Progressives Congress, (APC) as a party.
What is the priority of your constituency and your major campaign promise to them.

There are lots of needs for the constituency, but where there are more needs is from Awka North. There are some places that look as if it has been forgotten even when they are close to the state capital, at the sit of power of this government. There is a lot to talk about. There is a lot to bring to the front burner of the government to treat and see that some amenities are made to go to Awka North.

In Awka South also, there are some amenities that need to be done and which have to be brought to the front burner. There are things I intend to bring to the front burner by knowing the needs of the people and discoursing with the people that it affects everyday. We would all come out with one voice as what the local government needs and I will present it to the government, requesting them to do it.

What is your message to the people?
My message to them is to use the opportunity to vote the right candidate irrespective of the party. At the same time, I want to tell them that the party to vote for is APC, because APC in the federal government has remembered the Igbo people and South East and If they are voted in, they will continue to do those things the former party PDP did not do for South East and this is the time to get Chief of Army Staff .

If they want Chief of Army Staff, it’s now that they will work for it, if they want more than one minister, it is now that they will work for it.North East and other parts of the country have so much, they have worked for the President. They would never or should not expect more than what they have contributed because I remember one governor saying there is no more ‘monkey dey work and baboon dey chop’.

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