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I’ll ensure accountability, rule of law – Ibezi



IFEANYI Ibezi is the APGA’s candidate for Idemmili North and South House of Representatives.He is popularly known as Ichie Okaka and Ochiagha Abatete.

He is a native of Abatete in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State and a member of Igwe in council.. He is a politician, businessman, philanthropist and a community leader. He is of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), vying for the House of Representatives for Idemili North and South Federal Constituency.

He contested for the same position in 2015 but could not make it. He is running again in 2019. Ibezi is a special adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on Youth Empowerment. He has this to say concerning his constituency, his promises and advice to the people. He tagged his manifesto, “Charter of demand”. This is what he said:
“Before I declared my intention to represent “umu Idemili”, at the House of Representatives, I consulted the president generals of the 17 communities of the constituency and we discussed the various challenges faced by each community for them to articulate their needs in order of charter of demand.

These demands include projects they would want me to attract in their communities. It was an intensive period that allows us to deliberate on projects choosing among various needs which is more peculiar to each community and I promised them that my four years at the National Assembly will be measured by this documents they provided.
Gone were the days when campaign promises are only said but never documented.

In my sojourn at the national assembly, umu Idemmili shall use this document which has formed an integral part of my manifesto to judge my four years at the green chambers.

It shall form my performance assessment rating for each community in Idemmili. There is a peculiar problem and my representation of umu Idemmili at the House of Representatives shall see to it that these problems are solved and each community benefits from the dividends of my representation.

Ibezi made promises which are contained in his manifesto. He believed that democracy thrives on a tripod of accountability, rule of law and good governance .According to him, these vision, mission and intent, which he has encapsulated as a pact will form the basis of future assessment of his tenure if by the grace of God he is elected to represent the people of Idemili at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly at Abuja. He further said that besides, the core legislative agenda enumerated herein, he shall vigorously pursue the following agenda at the House of Representatives if given the mandate:

Idemili Constituency Trust Fund (ICTF): This is a novel Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which shall be set up for the management and execution of all identified needs of the communities within the constituency. Appropriated funds for the Constituency and some of my allowances shall be warehoused in this trust fund. An 11-member Board of Trustees shall manage the pooled funds; the membership of which shall be drawn from among men and women of integrity from the constituency. The activities of the Board shall be guided. Education: Knowledge is the new growth driver in the world and efforts shall be made to drive the constituency into the new knowledge economy. He added that he shall implement the following education projects:

Establishment of Scholarship/Bursary scheme for indigent secondary and university students from the constituency.
Annual distribution of free exercise books to all public primary schools within the constituency. Establishment of two Resource Centres in honour of late Prof. Chinua Achebe and Dr. Pius Okigbo at Idemili North and South respectively.

In order to promote learning of science, technology and mathematics (STEM), he promised to provide science equipment for the laboratories of select secondary schools in the constituency, he shall seek the collaboration of development agencies to vigorously promote the girl child education, Shall endow an annual lecture in one of the higher institutions in the state in honour of late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and shall organize extra-mural classes during long vacation for those sitting for UTME.

Youth Empowerment/Skills Acquisition: Youth unemployment is a major challenge of the constituency. To effectively engage the youth, I shall seek collaboration with Anambra State Creative Economy Council to tap creative energies of the youths in the constituency.

Ibezi said specifically, that he shall open two skills acquisition centres within the two local governments for the training of a minimum of 10 youth (male and female) from the 17 communities in the following skills: Computer and GSM repairs,desktop publishing, fashion designing/tailoring and make-up/ bead making , Soap and detergent production , Welding and metal fabrication, floor tile and interlocking stones., Shoe making, Painting.
Healthcare delivery:

The wealth of the constituency lies in the health of the people. Therefore, he shall ensure the collaboration with the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, to renovate health centres/posts in selected communities within the constituency.
Provision of drugs and medical equipment in selected communities in the constituency.

Explore the possibilities of establishment of a standard general hospital in the constituency.
Organize an annual medical outreach in the constituency.

Organize quarterly maternal healthcare awareness programmes in the constituency.
Offset medical bills of some indigent patients in the constituency.

Facilitate the participation of indigenes of Idemili North/South Federal Constituency in the health insurance schemes of Anambra State and Federal Government.

To cater for the needs of children at the Motherless Babies Homes in the constituency.
Provision of Water and Energy:

Honorable Ibezi said that he shall seek the technical collaboration of Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Anambra-Imo River Basin Development Authority to ensure construction of water boreholes in select communities in the constituency.
Shall consolidate on the gains of his solar streetlights initiative to provide more in many more communities.
Shall ensure provision of transformers to needy communities within the constituency.

Gully erosion has become one of the greatest challenges facing Anambra State with Idemili
North/South Federal Constituency having its share. Ibezi said he shall ensure the following:
To increase advocacy for control of gully erosion menace by appropriate federal government agencies. To ensure increased appropriations for erosion control projects in the constituency.

To ensure a transparent oversight in the disbursement of ecological funds.
To initiate an intensive awareness campaign on the prevention of gully erosion.

Women Empowerment:
Shall ensure the creation of night markets through provision of solar power in select markets in the constituency.
Shall ensure the installation of garri processing machines for women in select communities.
Shall ensure the installation of palm oil milling machines in select communities.

To liaise with Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture and Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA) to institute a micro credit scheme for women within the constituency.

In addition to CBN and ASBA loan, I shall under a planned Market Women Small Scale Business Empowerment Scheme, empower 340 women annually with N50,000 each. Twenty women shall be selected from each of the 17 communities in the constituency for this annual empowerment. A total of 1,360 women from the federal constituency would have been empowered at the end of four years.

Agriculture: Given the growing importance of agriculture in the calculation of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Ibezi said he shall ensure the following:
Mobilize interested constituents to form farmers’ cooperative societies in order to optimally benefit from Federal and State governments’ different agricultural initiatives.

Stimulate the interest of the youths in the constituency in the many value chain in agriculture with a view to increasing food production in the constituency.
Shall ensure that farmers have access to loans, fertilizers and other agricultural incentives.
Shall ensure efficient and equitable distribution of improved seedlings to farmers during each planting season.
Maintenance/Construction of Rural Roads:

Shall seek the collaboration of Federal Emergency Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) and Anambra State Ministry of Works to construct and maintain rural roads in select communities in the constituency.
Shall seek collaboration of Idemili North and South LGAs in the regular maintenance of rural feeder roads.
Shall leverage my presence in the House of Representatives to draw the attention of the
federal government to the state of federal roads within the constituency.

Sports Development:
To engage the youths meaningfully and develop in them the spirit of sportsmanship, the house of representative hopeful said that he shall ensure the following:
To organize an annual Ifeanyi Ibezi Football competition among the youths in the 17 communities in the constituency.
To provide sports equipment for select primary/secondary schools in the constituency.

11. Human Capital
Development/Job Creation:
Shall leverage his presence in Abuja to seek employment opportunities for employable youths in the constituency.
Shall organize trainings in ICT for the youths so that they can take advantage of the emerging opportunities in digipreneurship (digital entrepreneurship

Robust Engagement with Traditional Institutions:
According to Ibezi, Idemili North/South Federal Constituency is a melting pot of culture. Therefore, he I shall deliberately and robustly engage with traditional institutions within the constituency in the following areas:
Wide consultations with the traditional institutions on issues of welfare and project execution.
Partnership to reform and promote our cultural heritage.

Support/Engagement with Party (APGA) Structure:
As a loyal, dedicated and committed party person, He shall ensure the following:
To ensure constant consultation with stakeholders, Ward and LGA officers of the All
Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

To liaise with the party hierarchy in maintaining discipline, peace and harmony in the party.
To ensure that loyal party members benefit from the many empowerment projects he shall execute.
He appealed to the people of Idemmili north and south to vote for him during the forthcoming general elections, promising to live up to his promises.

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