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I’ll not share money but fulfil promises – Eze



SENATOR Ayogu Eze, Enugu State Governorship candidate for All Progressives Congress (APC) while unveiling his manifesto recently, said that he was going to be driven by the vision to uplift the people to a development pedestal that would make them independent, confident and self-reliance

Ezeh said that his contract with his people should be to run a goal-oriented administration that would be effective, efficient and prudent, adding that he would be accountable to them if elected.
He promised that the conduct of government business would be open in a manner that had hitherto never been seen in that part of the country.

The candidate said he would set goals and timelines for the government to achieve every aspect of the manifesto.
He also promised to bring employment, development and work for the people of Enugu State, adding that within the first one year in office that the people of the state and environs would have adequate water.

Eze said that his government would train all kinds of artisans and would also develop coal camp where people could create wealth for themselves.

The candidate promised to ensure that before the retirement age of workers that their gratuity would be ready for them to start up a new life.
He said that salaries would be paid as and when due, noting that he would develop agriculture and employ about 1,000 people every year.

Eze explained that his government would build a film village in Enugu and supply them with equipment to enable actors and actresses to come back to life.

He said that he would rebuild Enugu and create recreational facilities that would attract more people to the state.
The candidate urged the people of the state to try him by voting APC into power as that would build a new Enugu that would be benefit all.

Eze said that what they had been witnessing in Enugu since 2015 was bill boards off all kinds and campaign posters at all corners.
He said that if he was elected in 2019, he would fulfill all his campaign promises instead of sharing money with Ghana must go like others.

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