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Anambra communities complete MoU with gas plant



Omasi and Umueje communities in  Ayamelum Local Government Area  are to benefit from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of the cotton wooden gas plant and first Modular Systems Gas Ltd, partners to Orient Petroleum Plc.

This was contained in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on CSR completed between the communities and partners during an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) panel review meeting of the proposed sites held in Awka.

Beloveth John Funakpo of the cottonwooden and Theophilus Elobebam of First Modular Systems Gas Ltd (FMSGL), partners to Orient Petroleum Plc highlighted some of the objectives of the company to include establishing a dependable supply of gas across the region by processing, compressing and transporting to industry locations in the areas.

It was also made known that the feed gas was 11 bars (1100kpa) from the ORR delivery line which enters a slug catcher (a.k.a separator) where natural gas liquids water and other impurities are removed.

Their presentations showed that the feed gas enters a feed gas compressor and undergoes a two stage compression process to a pressure of 22.8 bars (2280kpa).

It further explained that the pressurized and dehydrated feed gas flows into a light hydro-carbon recovery system during which process the enthanise which removes the butaniser components are separated.

The Managing Director of Orient Petroleum Plc, Engr. Sunny Okoye, on his part noted that the 10 hectare gas project would encourage domestic utilization of natural gas in the South East region of the country.

He noted that aside direct employment of indigenes of the host communities, the Gas plant would equally assist in the provision of community-driven priority projects.

In his remarks, Abbas Suleiman who represented the Minister of Environment commended the companies for their good works and mandated them on a four agenda policy.

Odiegwu A.U. who represented the Anambra State Commissioner for Environment advised on effective waste management in order to ease access to the pipelines and also advised the Managing Director of Orient Petroleum Plc to look into Iggah community for their completion of MoU.

The representatives of the communities expressed their gratitude and willingness to continue to cooperate with the companies for the overall development of the area.

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