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Love For My Love



My rose for the spouse I treasure

Sparkled I on a glue of miss pleasure

Grazing down to the field of lust

Only to remember my love for the one I love


Love full of life,

Life surrounded with joy,

Joyful within my heart,

Heart meant for you alone,

Alone, you fill my thoughts.


Thoughtful of you all days,

Show me love,

Love of my life,

And make it unflinching.


Hand in hand we held and walked

Looking through the straight path

We beheld a reverie of green future

Where in drinking, we want some more.


More of love sparkling like snowflake

Across the bed of bliss where magic unfolds

In pools of golden ecstasy — embers rising

From our hearts; burning our solitude to rust.


Where else can I go

If I don’t visit my ego?

What else can I say

If don’t hail my seer


Ọla aka m, adorned with uli

Ede oko m, beautified by spear glass called world

The firewood I fetched

Beyond Orie market bend

Today is 14th February

Come on, warm my cold heart


Revel in my love,

Let me rejuvenate your vibrancy,

Spread a perky red canopy over your skyline,

Like dusty red roses scattered on tarmac floor


The love for my love

Brings more life than strife,

More beautiful than the streets of Bulawayo,

Sweeter than a sugary cacao


My love for my love

Inexplicably rare, not like the jacarandas of Zimbabwe

Or the yellow trumpet that adorns Nigeria

A cross dimensional touch


A supernatural rush

Superseding the searing intensity of a Moon

Crossing diverging lanes and cosmic space

A love surreal like wayo


This night too will pass,

It will be a memory of fallen leaves,

A path of righteous sin

Because I kissed your sweet 16.


Shall I call you Ogene?

The clap of your twin breasts

Resonates the reeling song

The spirits couldn’t sing with the wind.


What is as beautiful as your lips?

The only path that knows

The gate to the temple of sin.


My love for my love

Is as the sun in the morn

It is as the broom in Osho’s hands

It is as the hairs on Wole’s head

It is the goose to my bumps

The thought of my love

My love for my love


The star that sparkles in my heart

The shadow that guides my path

Lead me not to God’s wrath

As I journey with you my love, my heart


Sometimes it lies

Sometimes it doesn’t

It builds castles and holds her prey in captive

There are skulls of fury within it gory portrait

It does not sound like you’ve heard it

It is either a deceiver or a caresser

sometimes love lies also


My love for my love

In confessions of undying truth,

We live indefinitely but not

In one state of existence.


After this life, I will search

For you to a hundred worlds

To keep tasting the sweet wine

Of your rich nectar which makes

Beauty native to your being


I will follow you to a thousand

Lifetimes to satisfy my longing to

Be in your arms and continue feeling the

Contours of your exquisite form

Which makes you ever alluring.


My body in ice smear

The shivers, my teeth clinks

Sounding the gongs of love

For the taste of your warm

Oh how sweet art thou


Love like green leaf

Makes life good to live

Like water quenching a thirsty throat

My heart you keep afloat


Weathering lives stormy weather

And toughening me up like leather

To make the best use of my time

And rule with compassion in my clime.


I will forever treasure love

And be as gentle as dove

Handling each day with focus

And making right my locus


My everyday Valentine your Love Sprung as a tender bud

Pure, healthy and full of life

Blossoming everday with the


Passage of seasons of life

I glow and radiate as a lone

Star on a cloudy sky the envy

Of love spurned damsels!


Little damsel string round my being..

You will be the song on my lips,

The rhythm of my pulsating heart,

The melody that wiggles my west.


Come…I will proclaim your name

Fourteen times, fourteenth day of our communion!

I will proclaim your beauty to falling stars;

Spread your titillating face above the moon;

And my verse, a connoisseur of your endowment.


Love is a fatherless son,

reading the tribute of his late father,

Under the hurricane rainfall


Love is a bitch

especially that of a boy and a girl

not too strong to be in love.


I sigh and smile when she’s not at sight

We talked and walked a lot

Tried to hide and secretly seek

I wanted to write but she’s sad

I’m void of idea, just sunk


She is already double

Though I can’t stop looking for trouble

She has got the most beautiful smile

I hide behind my door and sing

Who wouldn’t want to adore?


Think about my pain in peace

Breathing gets to its peak

I face it with some smirk

Better off with a face full of smile

Like the rays of the sun, it shines


She swept me off my foot

Left me with the best mood, I’m over the moon.

Time passed by

A bid of good bye

I bet this will never die.


As deep as the oceans

As soft as silk

As meek as a lamb

Is my love for you


Words can’t express my love

You are the reason I live

My life is meaningless without you

Its just like a song without melody


You are my inspiration

The life I live, not I that live

But you that live in me

You are my world


Though I’m weak, yet strong in you

Your smiles become my vigour

You are my light, my star at night

You are my world


How do I explain the wild kisses,

Like a fire in a burning furnace

ravages my entire spine

Each moment I pass you by

I need you like a heart needs a beat,

No wonder my life is null without you

Can you live in me and pay no rent?

Oh! My love for my love


What is love that I could not think,

Fantasy eludes my reality

Shall we rehearse our dream before we tell

It speaks from the heart


You are my song

My song of love

Is like the wind, you can’t see it

But you can feel it

My love for my love




Izunna Okafor, Kayode Awojobi, Nwokeabia, Ifeanyi John, Chukwudi Nwokpoku, Okechukwu Onuegbu, Liam Obidi, Felix Chibuisi, O’star Eze, Nwobi Chidubem Valentine, John Chizoba Vincent, Marcel Ike Okonkwo, Stanley Obum Ezechukwu, Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, Udo Okokoronkwo-chukwu, Nket Godwin, Ude Ibiam Ufiem, Onuekwe Jude N, Chioma Favour and Nnenna Ogbozor


Edited By Izunna Okafor

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1 Comment

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