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2019 Presidential election: Referendum on restructuring of Nigeria



 WE HAVE again brought to the front burner our strongest commitment to restructuring of Nigeria-that is the message sent forth during this Presidential election that is marred with absurdity. The people of Nigeria indeed in one voice, decided against Nigerian structure as it is now benefiting negatively – a selective feudal interest of the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy that would by no means want to uphold and maintain the statuesque at all cost;  This informs the aberration called election that is still ongoing by the forces of restructuring and the forces opposed to it.

Nigeria is still at war with her fundamental structures which were unilaterally instituted by the military governments within and after the civil war that ended in 1970 which unilaterally changed the basic constitution of the country at independence that guaranteed enormous autonomy to the regional government and allowed the federal government powers on areas of general interest.

Several attempts have been made to revisit this abnormal issue. Constitutional conferences have been instituted and resolutions reached, but those who benefit from this lopsided abnormally will always make the recommendations and resolutions null and void.

Events in recent times have made it imperative and a matter of urgency that if Nigeria must survive as an entity; this call for restructuring must be revisited and be given an urgent attention.

No wonder the people of Nigeria who by virtue of their growing interest and awareness of the democratic windows available in attaining this goal, chose to wait for this electoral timetable to support the party that wittingly promised to institute this process of restructuring the country for good of all Nigerians. That is what this election is all about.

Every issue and mal-governance that this present administration presented and portends would be laid to rest if the country is properly structured to allow probity, equity and ingenious pursuit of interests peculiar to each segment of the polity. From all intents and purposes, this present government is fighting tooth and nail to scuttle this lofty aspiration of the Nigerian people for very sectional interests that will spell doom in no distant time. A free and fair election would have given room for a peaceful transformation and translation of this country’s malapropisms.

Nigerians want to live in their country with a full sense of belonging; they want to strive and develop their potentials in a very conducive unhindered polity which hitherto is never the case.

This is not forgetting that the era of military dictatorship has come and gone and we the masses cannot afford another era of civilian dictatorship and anarchy. Nigerians would prefer a constitutional change for good.

The situation today calls for sober reflection on our past antecedents to this present moment. We have everything to benefit if we as a people in one accord strip ourselves of all the selfish, egocentric and nepotistic bias and face this common reality.

We must restructure our country and reconstitute our lost values hence face the challenges of giving the next generation a platform to improve  themselves to attaining their lost glory in the committee of  nations, who are progressively making exploits and new incursions in divergent  fields of human endeavour.

The exodus of our country men looking for solace in other nations of the world is becoming shameful. We can get out of this mess by simply allowing a government that will champion the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

The people can no longer bear this senseless merry –go-round under a political arrangement that churns out billionaires once you attain a political height and living the masses at their own peril. No future for its citizenry; the youths are left in absolute hopelessness.

This system of government that promotes indulgency and deprives its citizenry the opportunity to develop at its own pace given the opportunities prevailing which is skewed to its disadvantage is the problem.

I suggest that any presidential candidate that emerges the winner of this election should as a matter of urgency ensure that Nigeria is restructured when this is done, the dooms day for this great nation will be averted. be seen to be putting every structure in place for the restructuring of the polity by so doing will avert the dooms day for this great nation.

The obvious consequences of this ill structured political arrangement is manifesting in every sphere of our experiences in this country. Desperate power struggles, ethnic chauvinism, appropriation of public funds for personal aggrandisement and incompetent persons overseeing the affairs of the people. Morality at its lowest ebb; the conscience and consciousness of government operatives towards the people’s rights and privileges is now the tale of the moonlight.

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