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Medics speak on dangers of obesity



OBESITY remain one of the leading causes of deaths globally and has rendered some homes in pains and made many children orphans.

In the sub-Saharan Africa, the trend is not too different as even the harsh economic realities have not done much to reduce the health condition which derive its origin genetically. through lifestyles adaptation, chronic diseases and gluttony.

According to an Awka based medical expert, Dr. Ernest Ifebi, who issued a press release on obesity, dangers of the health challenge which include reduced life span, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, type two diabetes mellitus, infertility, erective dysfunction, high cholesterol, among others.

Dr. Ifebi announced that modest weight loss can improve the problems associated with obesity.

The medical expert recommended treatment for such health challenges to include exercise, drugs and weight loss surgery and dietary changes such as intake of more fruits and vegetables, low salt intake, avoiding late night eating, and reduction in starchy and fatty foods.

In a related development, a former Awka Zonal Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr. Oliver Onwughalu spoke of the health implications of obesity and the need for the citizenry to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent its manifestation.


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