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Obiano should build lasting legacy – Nnanwere Cletus



WHAT do you think about Obiano’s administration?

  The governor is trying in terms of paying worker’s salary which is one of the primary duties of a good leader. This creates the right spirit in every citizen in the state. However, in terms of physical infrastructures, he has a whole lot of work to do.

What are your  expectations from the Obiano’s Administration?

As a father and the chief security of the state, I expect him to build a lasting legacy. He is not measuring up to expectations. He has not employed workers since he resumed in office in this second tenure. He should embark on more road construction and maintenance. He also needs to make some necessary amendments and change in some policies affecting the state.

Additionally, the people need more social infrastructures like pipe-borne water, medical centres, etc. Furthermore, there is need for increase in youth development and empowerment, setting up productive industries so that citizens especially the youths  will get more job. He should increase his supervision of all the contracts he has  awarded.

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