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Statutory body needed for revenue collection – Chinedu Ezeme



WHAT do you think about Governor Willie Obiano’s administration so far?

Obiano’s administration is a mixture of both the good and bad sides. However, in terms of payment of salaries, he has done so well.
The governor’s administration has shown lackadaisical attitude to capital projects. He seems to easily initiate a project but lacks the integrity to follow it up. It is his primary duty to know whether those projects undertaken are really the needful for members of the society considering the amount of funds spent on that particular project.

What do you expect from Gov Obiano’s administration?

I expect a change in regards to tax collection. The governor should know exactly the particular body assigned with the responsibility. The methods so called tax collectors apply in unleashing their duties is not a welcome development.
Anything you are doing, one group will come with one kind of receipt, another will come with another one. So, we don’t know who is who, whether the one is for business premises and one for another thing entirely.
The Anambra state government should setup a well known recognised body for a particular task to avoid proliferation.

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