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What next, after brilliant start?



GOVERNOR of Anambra State, Chief Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano marks the first year of his second term and his fifty year in office today.
Apart from the radical transformations Anambra has experienced under his tenure for the past five years which are enough reasons to celebrate the pragmatic leadership of the governor, today’s celebration is special as it comes just a week after the states citizenry passed a vote of confidence on him for the second time in two years by voting in 24 APGA candidates into the State’s House of Assembly despite all threats by his other detractors to baptise him with fire through voting out APGA candidates in favour of the PDP in March 10, House of Assembly election, simply because he understands Nigeria’s politics better and urged ndị Anambra to support the incumbent President Buhari. The first vote of confidence was passed in November 16, 2017 elections, when he scored 21/21, winning in all the 21 LGAs of the state in the governorship election.
Yes! It is not an overstatement to say that Obiano has actually brought positive change in all sectors of the economy using his four pillars of development and their enablers and have continued to fulfill his campaign promises to ndị Anambra.
In this special edition titled ‘five years of bold, brave promise-keeping’, to commemorate the governors fifth year in office, National Light presents various aspects of his leadership style and achievements that distinguishes him from others. Enjoy the package!



FROM election to celebration, Anambra is always in gale of outstanding feats that signposts her as a top notch state in development strides amongst her counterparts in Nigeria and comparable to any modern emerging powers in her rank, globally.

The feats cut across scientific field, a venture that had elevated her local cities to global reckoning over the years,  unrelenting academic zeal which result had made and continues to make her scions rackle recognition at immortal halls of fame worldwide. The amazing entrepreneurial skills, sagacious political culture and forthright tenacity in remodeling a seemingly dysfunctional system into dream structure have all combined to make Anambra an epicentre of global attention, when the challenge is extracting diamond from granite field.

The journey to where Anambra stands today is not a serendipituous one but may be traceable to the ingenuity of their forebears and the robust culture of transferring values to progenies with little difficulty. The likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, a scion of Anambra, whose political light had illuminated dark alleys across Africa and led the present day politicians to incredible height of success tells the stature of Anambra brand and the gene that powers the current man at the helm of governance in the state, Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano; the icon that sets to redesign and re-ignite Anambra light to a novel flame that neither wind force nor rain torrent can rattle. This is the Anambra that five years of Obiano leadership is molding- thanks to Providence that picked him for the service and thumbs up to Ndi-Anambra that appreciate the value of what they have.

Accept it or not, the overwhelming votes handed to Obiano, which made him win in all the 21 local governments in the state attests to the acceptability of Obiano as a marketable brand in Anambra politics. This further affirms that his policies command massive acceptance and support. For Awka,  the state capital to  suddenly acquire three bridges completed and commissioned within his first term in office was a pointer that his administration was keen in driving development down to the people. The bridges were not restricted to the Capital Development territory alone as  Iyiora, Anam in Anambra West Local Government Area boasts of a solid bridge linking the area with other communities in Anambra North Senatorial zone. Communities in the South senatorial zone are relishing the presence of two beautiful bridges connecting a 27kilometre road, stretching from Amansea – Ndiukwuenu-Awa to Ufuma. In Anambra Central, two bridges connecting Amansea and Awba- Ofemmili defines a government with strong intent to open up hinterlands and make agro business viable, considering the agro strength of Anambra. Nteje bridge that has provided alternative to the long collapsed federal expressway, Umueje bridge and several others lend credence to claims that Obiano’s government do not just embark on projects but evenly distributes them for maximum benefit to both the people and the state. These are just a chip from his massive infrastructural achievements which fear of repetition constrains  elaborate statistical analyses of his infrastructure, agriculture, education, security, economy, social harmony feats could amount to repetition as collections of his achievements would feature copiously on write-ups assembled for this edition; feats that had endeared him to the hearts and souls of the citizens expressed in his re-election.

But, beyond all these achievements so far, what next is there for take from the governor as he takes a walk on a segment of the last lap in the remaining part of his administration? With a very impressive five years gone by, Governor Obiano and his team cannot afford to slip from the enviable rating. His social contracts with the people are only expanding by the day. Necessity demands that government serves the interests of the generality of the people. The 2019 general elections may have come and gone but many of its throw-ups may require ingenuity to tinker into shape. In every election, winners will emerge as well as losers, responsible government should go beyond partisan consideration to engage anyone that can make a difference in building the society for the better. Differences arising from political alignments, social or class interests should be jettisoned at the door of any government. This will create ground for engagements based on merit and foreclose incompetence. It is not in the character of ndigbo to encourage ineptitude, so, expectations are that Obiano’s government should close ranks with all stakeholders in the craft of society building and make them part of his productive team. His success in all inclusive government should be lesson to the federal government which by the appointments it had made portrayed it as nepotistic and divisive; determined unapologetically to favour those who voted for him and punish those who did not give him their vote – a system very strange to democratic ideals.

While Obiano will lose nothing in reconciling opposing views, the task of improving on achieved goals and raise the bar of good governance in the state stares before him. This derives from the maxim that to whom much is given, much is expected of the person. He won in the 21 local governments in the state. Those local government areas must continue to grow in democratic dividends, for they have strong faith in his capability to hand them those necessities of life that some years ago, were mere wishful thoughts. Anambra State can have a more robust portable water scheme if priority is given to it by the caring governor, the people’s hero, Akpokuedike. A circulating parlance in Anambra is that the reward for work is more work. Ndi-Anambra are working with Akpokuedike and the occasion demands more work from both parties. Little wonder he called on them again at a critical point in the elections of the state assembly and they did not turn their back on him. Such obedience can only come in an atmosphere of trust and sound bond between the leadership and the followership. Citizens need improved security in the state as pointed out by a resident in the state, Rapheal Ekejiuba, “Obiano scored very high in security at the onset of his government, but it seems the bad elements are back and bent on denting his laudable record. I am certain, he will rise up to the challenge and send them back to wherever they are coming from.”

Whenever the history of good governance in Anambra State is told, there is one man who looked beyond the cosmetic covering of a distressed people; and wasted no time in ameliorating their pain with a free transport fare to all the zones of the state – Obiano is the man.

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