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Focus on Anambra people, government and logics



THERE is no gain saying that this state, Anambra, is the brain box and the epitome of the Igbo man’s world view. The people and their antecedents will always be brought to the fore intermittently as people with acute sensibilities and dynamism.

This state by virtue of its congregated composition of core Igbo (blood) genetical formation has always generated the platform that propels the minds and souls of the entire Igbo race.

The myth surrounding the people of this state is transient and makes a volume. It might be proper to say that by virtue of this mythology, every part of Igbo race is participatory in this influence of a great adventure that anchored and spread from Anambra soil to all the composite areas that are associated with this great evolution.

I want to talk about this adventure briefly before delving into the main issues of the Anambra man today and his unique sense of purpose, thought flow and exploits. An Anambra man is a carefully crafted personality that continues to impact on the world stage.

A people that seem to understand deeply the interplay between man and his society which must at any time exhibit originality of thought, independent decisions, and political sagacity. They are  people who know when to say yes and when to say no and are very loyal and dedicated to every aspiration they deem fit and worthy.

A business minded people who translate their business prowels, acumen to every other calculations and interests. You can’t beat their reach.

What readily calls to my mind is the House of Assembly election that just took place last Saturday. Anambra people, in one accord voted for continuity and stability. They understand that they must continue to give the government of the day, government of Willie Obiano all the strength to keep on propelling the state to an enviable status.

They need not be told when to and when not to, for they are a people with an avowed wisdom with discerning minds. They loath arrogance and power drunkenness and will on a slight detection of such tendencies by any of its own elected official, make hay to plot his removal as though there is a conspiracy to that effect.

A people with highly developed sense of purpose who would make sacrifice to attain and sustain their collective interests. No wonder the present government of Willie Obiano is a suiting balm to their aspirations.

The Anambra man by virtue of his occupation needed first and foremost an enabling environment devoid of insecurity. Mobility access, and a participatory government that will always partner with it for developmental strides are what they want.

Here comes again the governor’s open cheque to all the towns in the state to power projects of assorted magnitude that hitherto would have been an impossible feat to such towns in a life time. The governor’s direct dealings with every town in his state are the perfection of governance which he is to be remembered for in years to come.

A common feature in Anambra State today is this well articulated involvement and recognition of town’s unions and traditional rulers as a veritable channel to touch the grassroots, and impact on every sediment of the people without any part feeling rejected or segregated on.

It has a properly organized and managed Anambra State Association of Towns Union (ASATU) presided by Chief Alex Onukwue. They assemble every first Saturday of the month to rub minds on the problems and challenges encountered in different forms and in different towns, which speaks volume of the government of Willie Obiano’s administration.

The traditional ruler’s council is by no means very crucial and a ground breaker of the government’s recognition of the roles played by our traditional fathers as the custodians of our cultural heritage and arbiters to the traditional institutions.

These institutions were not provided for in the constitution as part of the tiers of government, but were magnanimously instituted, empowered to facilitate grassroot governance and cohesion in the administration of sound democratic dividends to the people of the state at the nuclear level. Here lies the wisdom of this government in its avowed determination to see that this state is coupled to meet with divergent challenges that may come in the course of championing the state to excellence.

The security apparatus of the state at local levels are run and administered by these town governments with state government’s support, supervision and financing.

Who are these Anambra people in Igbo speaking area of Nigeria? Permit me to say that the Igbo’s originated from Nri in Anaocha Local Government of Anambra State and Aguleri in Anambra East Local Government Area as purported by a particular school of thought. Also, permit me to concur that Eri, is the father of all Igbos who hailed from Isreal and is the fifth son of Gad, the seventh son of Jacob who migrated from Egypt with his entourage prior to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt many centuries ago.

Menri the Jew founder of Nri is said to have settled in Aguleri from where they dispatched and scattered to every other Igbo Community settlements, in and around the South East of Nigeria. Eri is to the Igbos what Oduduwa is to the Yorubas. Nri is to the Igbos what Ile-ife is to the Yorubas. Archeological discoveries dated around 2,500BC buttresses the facts of Igbo ontology. The present Anambra State happens to be the pivotal of this great historical emanation.

 Names of towns and their local government

Anambra West Local Government

Ezianam, Ifite Anam, Nzam, Olumbanasa, Oromatiti, Umueze-Anam, Umuenwelum-Anam

Anocha Local Government

Neni, Adazi Enu, Adazi-Nnukwu, Agulu, Aguluzigbo, Ichida, Obeledu, Nri.

Awka North Local Government

Achalla, Amansea, Amanuke, Ebenebe, Isu-Aniocha, Mgbakwu, Ugbene, Ugbu-enu, Ukum

Awka South Local Government

Amawbia, Awka, Ezinato, Isiagu, Mbaukwu, Nibo, Nise, Okpuno, Amuawulu

Aguata Local Government

Achina, Aguluezechukwu, Akpoamesi, Ekwulobia, Ezinifite, Igbo ukwu, Isuofia, Uga, Umuchu, Nkpologu, Oraeri, Isuanoma, Umuona, Ikenga.

Anambra East Local Government

Umueri, Aguleri, Otuocha, Enugu Aguleri, Eziagulu-otu, Enugwu-out, Anam, Igbariam, Nando & Nsugbe.

Ayamelum Local Government

Anaku, Umumbo, Umueje, Omasi, Omor, Igbakwu, Umuerum, Ifite Ogbari.

Dunukofia Local Government

Ukpo, Nawgu, Ifite-Dunu, Ukwulu, Umudioka, Umunachi.


Ekwusigo Local Government

Ozubulu, Oraifite, Ichi Ihembosi

Idemili North Local Government

Ogidi, Abacha, Abatete, Eziowelle, Ideani, Nkpor, Obosi, Oraukwu, Uke, Umuoji.

Idemili South Local Government

Ojoto, Alor, Akwa Ukwu, Awka-Etiti, Nnobi, Nnokwa, Umunachi, Oba

Ihiala Local Government

Ihiala, Azia, Okija, Mbosi, Amorka, Isseke, Orsumoghu, Ubuluisiuzor, Uli, Lilu.

Njikoka Local Government

Abagana, Enugwu-ukwu, Nimo, Enugwu-Agidi, Nawfia, Abba

Nnewi North four (4) Autonomous Sub-town

Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim, Nnewi-Achi

Nnewi South Local Government

Ekwulumili, Amichi, Azigbo, Unubi, Osumenyi, Ogbodi, Ebenator, Utuh, Ezinifite, Akwaihedi

Ogbaru Local Government

Akili Ogidi, Atani, Akili Ozizor, Amiyi, Mputu, Obeagwe, Ohita, Odekpe, Ogbakugba, Ochuhue Umuodu, Ossomala, Ogwu-Aniocha, Umunankwo, Umuzu, Okpoko, Ogwu Ikpere.

Onitsha North Local Government

Onitsha Town

Onitsha South Local Government

Fegge, Upper Iweka, Odoakpu, Woliwo, Awada, Ochaija.

Orumba North Local Government

Akpu, Ajali, Amaokpalla, Amaetiti, Awa, Nanka, Ndikelionwu, Ndiokolo, Ndiokpala, Ndiowu, Ndiukwue, Okpoeze, Omogho, and Ufuma

Orumba South Local Government

Umunze, Agbudu, Ezira, Eziagu, Enugwu-Umuonyia Ihite, Isulo, Ndiokpoleze, Nkerehi Ogboji, Ogbunka, Onnelu, Owerre-Ezukala, Umunzem, Umuomoku.

Oyi Local Government

Ogbunike, Awkuzu, Nkwella-Ezunaka, Nteje, Umunebe, Umunya

All this towns mentioned here constitutes the grass root formation of Anambra State. I urge the presidents and traditional rulers of this towns to quickly provide a detailed history of their towns, important places in the town, what the town is well known for, important landmarks. Raw materials and agro based products available in their town, markets and churches, map of the town showing bordering towns and every information about their towns they wish to showcase to the world. Also very prominent people in their town who contributed to the formation development of their town past and present.

Submit to National Light via email: or to ASATU office hardcopy, so that you will have a comprehensive and updated information on your town in explore Anambra State documentary book and National Light newspaper.



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