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Mike Idigo becomes new Aguleri monarch



Mike Idigo from the famous Idigo dynasty has emerged the new Igwe of Aguleri following the burial of the former IgweOgalagidi of Aguleri, His Royal Majesty, Christopher Nwabunwanne today.

Dr Idigo, a practicing dentist ascended the throne of his forefathers according to the revered Aguleri tradition which insists that a new Igwe must be coronated on the same day the remains of the previous Igwe are committed to mother earth.

Feelers from the ancient kingdom of Aguleri indicate the Igwe Mike Idigo who has chosen the title of Ezeudo (King of Peace) upon his coronation is a fine gentleman and a lover of peace.

Indeed, there is a growing expectation that the new Igwe will live out his name, working assiduously to entrench peace and harmony in Aguleri to pave way for a speedy development of the town.

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