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Dynamic Prayer Family Ministry holds celebrates decades



THE minister in-charge of Dynamic Family Prayer Ministry, Abatete, Prophetess, Amara Diamond, has encouraged Christian faithful to have faith in the Lord even in time of tribulation.

She stated this during the ministry’S 10th  year Anniversary which has the theme; “Decade of Praise’’, saying, praises and thanksgiving is a way of receiving things from the hand of God. “God dwells in the praises of his people and loves praises.”

She advised Christians to always trust in the lord in times of difficulty, noting that as  humans, challenges are bound to come, but with faith in God, one will overcome them. She added that challenges in life makes believers to move to the next level of life.

She added that the ministry has been sustained by the grace of God since April 2009 uptill today; using people to perfect this even in time of trials. She urged Christians to use this Lent period to show love to fellow brethren by visiting the orphans, prisoners, less privileged in the society.

“Look around your neighbourhood and see those you are far better than, and help them,  by doing so, the Lord Almighty will not fail to reward you abundantly.”

Cross section of participants

She called on Christians to be one another’s keeper and avoid rancor, noting, when love grows in the church, Christians will move away from struggling. She further cited a case of the apostles as good example;  saying, when they were on earth they moved with love and one accord, they released their belongings to one another and the church moved in unity.

She noted that Christians should be a mirror in the society, that during the time of Jesus on earth, his disciples were called Christians because they behaved like Christ.

“Don’t castigate fellow brethren or plan his or her downfall or involve yourself in anything that will make your brother to shed tears, for Christ has died for all, rather pray always”, she concluded.

Also speaking, the guest speaker, prophet in-charge of Remnant Mission Int’L Normu village, Enugwu-Agidi , Prince Nonso Onyeagba, said that the only way to escape from sorrow is through praising God, “when you praise Him, He  will lift you from every problem you are encountering in life.” He advised Christians to always engage much in praises after fasting and prayer.


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