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Priest urges discipline, cooperation amongst ANPC staff



IN RESPECT to the Easter celebration coming up in the weekend. Management and entire members of the longest thriving state newspapers, National Light, a publication under Anambra Newspapers and Printing Co-operation (ANPC), gathered at the Events Hall for a general reunion programme on Tuesday being 16th of April.

The reunion programme which is targeted towards all members and management of the organisation is a ceremony that encourages all past and present staff to meet and interact with one another towards effective and efficient running of operations and other issues of concern.

The event was graced by the presence of Rev. Fr. Peter Andrew Ibeazor, a priest from St. Thomas Aquinas parish.  He started by thanking the MD/CEO Of ANPC, Sir Chuka Nnabuife,for taking the herculean task of hosting such programme regardless of the challenges. He also tendered his appreciation for all who honoured the call to attend such a crucial meeting.


The priest encouraged staff personnnel to recognise authority and seek for the prosperity, as well as encourage harmony amongst each other. “…More importantly, review and encourage yourself and endeavour to be outstanding in unleashing your duties….. ,” he said.

He also addressed the matter as it affects pensioners and newly civil service retirees and enjoined both government and individuals to show some level of concern. In his remarks, he laid emphasis on the need to consider one another especially those who are retired as well as newly retired staff members.  According to him, it is pertinent to treat one another right in areas of pensions and gratuity because one day, everyone of us will become a pensioner…..”

Furthermore, the priest enjoined all present to adopt a cordial relationship; thereby, creating an enabling working environment. He made instances by sharing an original story of Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus Williams, the tennis champions.


Rev Fr Peter-Andrew Ibeazor during the prayer session

Fr Peter-Andrew threw light with reference to the scriptures in 1 Pet. 3:1, on adopting the right attitude to work. He said that staff members should learn to imbibe the godly wisdom and express love towards one another;

“….we have to allow divine light to shine through our hearts to give room for creativity and originality…… ”

He said that the true definition of success is the right application of wisdom at workplace . He cited instances saying that the success or failure of any government, politically or otherwise, wholly dependent on the persons within the reins of authority, ” ….if you do not work to redeem or build your father (your leader), your growth and future success will be sloppy……… ”

He continued further, “stop pulling down each other. Rather seek to fulfil a purpose driven life. When you help another person succeed, you make your  way successful too….. ”

The priest reiterated on the need to develop good self esteem and dissuade any form of superiority complex of one against another. According to him, a diligent hand is kindly rewarded by the Almighty.

“…..the little you do within the workplace is very important. God is watching to see a capable and competent  person to elevate such to a higher place of power and authority…..”

He, however, expressed his profound gratitude towards the leadership of ANPC and advised for better transparency in delivering their duties and obligations. He gave suggestions for the organisation to have periodic meetings with staff cum pensioners.

This, he believes, will foster a better working relationship with everyone within the ANPC organisation. He also prayed that the Anambra State government will come to remember their matters and staff for good.

Sir Nnabuife addressing the audience

In a display of humility and respect to spiritual authority, the MD and CEO of ANPC, Sir Chuka  Nnabuife, thanked the minister for his spiritual and moral support. He went ahead to pray for forgiveness while pledging to put extra efforts in ensuring maximum success  of the entire organisation. Afterwards, the Head of Accounts, Mrs Odiaka and Comrade Ubani did same.

The meeting ended with participants fulfilled and encouraged to give their best while being treated to refreshments.





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