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Obiano commends Omenugha for attracting accolades to Anambra



Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano,   has commended  the Commissioner for Basic Education, Anambra State, Prof. Kate Azuka Omenugha for her unrelenting efforts towards giving Anambra State the international recognition she deserves in Education.

Obiano made this commendation on Tuesday, during the launch of the book ‘ New Media & African Society: Essays, Reviews & Research’, at Oma Event Centre, Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, Anambra State.

According to the governor, ably represented by the Head of Service, Anambra State, Harry Uduh, Omenugha is a special woman who has attracted much accolades, national and international, to the state in the area of education. The exploits of Anambra students in being first among their fellow students in Indonesia, Singapore, Ireland, and USA- San Francisco Silicon Valley the tuniqueness of the launched  shows attests to this fact. He urged her to continue the good work she has been doing for the state in that area.

He said “ I am not surprised about it. We are not afraid of continuous success because we are sure she will do more”.

While commending Governor Willie Obiano for his exemplary leadership, she disclosed the brain behind the book.

According to her, the idea to write the book came after an interactive forum titled, ‘The village square’, a program  anchored by the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano, on Digital Media, Ifeanyi Anagor.

She said, “when Ifeanyi Anagor invited me to what he called “The Village Square’, they just brought a laptop. What I saw was people asking me lots of questions on education. I was responding instantaneously. They were showing me pictures of all the things His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano has done on education. You needed to to see the millions of followers I interacted with. After, I said to myself that if this could happen this way, it actually means that Governor Willie Obiano is communicating to the people using the social media.

“Again, When I remember too, that my students, the technovation gold medalists who represented the State and Nigeria at Silicon Valley, used the internet to learn a lot of things  that qualified them for the technovation pitch. Such that they came first, beating all other countries of the world, and coming back with gold to Nigeria; When I remembered  that the bronze medalist, that  the internet was also the secret behind the success of the bronze medalist from St John Science & Technical College, Alor,  who went to Tunisia for International Festival of Science and Engineering and emerged 3rd, beating other countries of the world; and when I discovered that the internet can be used for a lot of positive things, not negative things. I told myself that I need to tell the world about the good aspects of the News Media. Thus, the book, ‘ New Media & African Society: Essays, Reviews & Research’.

Omenugha described the book as a plethora of ideas from African scholars all over the world, adding that it talks about so many important issues, such as spousal communication, hate speeches, among others.”

In his own remark, the book Reviewer and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Reading Association of Nigeria, Prof. Chukwuemeka Eze Onukaogu, described the book as a masterpiece, a revolution in the field of Mass Communication and unique in its diversity of the academic gurus that produced the book; a compendium -. the integration and blending of the voices of both emerging and established scholars, seasoned academics and highly ranking professionals  in the field of Mass Communication.

While commending the editors, Kate Azuka, Adebayo Fayoyin and Charles Ngugi for a job well done, he described the book as one devoid of faults-the mechanical accuracy is super-sound and the expressions, supra sound. The variety of English in the book is just one- the World’s Standard of English despite the different orientations of the 28 contributors and the book’s register was easy, making it easy to read and understand.

“The editors have done a very great and marvelous job in synchronizing both variety and registers used in the book into one. This is a hard job. It is also a difficult one. I however make bold to say that Professor Omenugha and her co-editors have done marvelously well in making this book the Pearl of Great Price that it is.”

He further described the book as one which has confirmed the beauty, uniqueness and usefulness of interest of the Anambra State government and people in formal education, especially, literacy.

He said “The book is a book of books. Its relevance to our national life, our education, our culture, work ethics and politics cannot be equaled in the years to come. It is a wonderful, terrific and great contribution to the growth and upliftment of our African societies. In the light of the importance, value and relevance of this great book to us and to humanity. Thus, he recommended the book to every patriot in Anambra, Nigeria and Africa..“

He enjoined Professor Omenugha and her team to work extra hard to raise more women who can ably step into her shoes and replicate the great work she is doing to give Anambra State and our country a facelift regarding our women because the number of this in this work is quite insignificant, only nine out of 28.

He urged the academia across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria and the entire African Societies to hear the voices in the book, to see the depth of research undertaken by the authors of the book; to relate to the connectivity of this book to all aspects of our African life and to drink deep into the  springs which the book provides.

He also enjoined all technocrats in the civil service, policy makers in the National University, University Basic Education Commission, development partners and civil Societies, to taste, see, touch and hear what this great 28 wise women and men have said in this book and to use the knowledge, attitudes and skills postulated in this book to reshape our land and heal our wounds, suggesting that all Nigeria legislators in the National and State Houses of Assembly should in at least  in one day workshop be exposed to the contents of this book before they are sworn in.

“If they are aware of the harm, pain and agony their hate speech cause our country, they will purge themselves of the hate speech which they condone in the electioneering campaigns and which they also condone when they interact with their political opponents. They should also know from this book, the danger and evil of hate speech. Besides, they should know how to stop hate speech.”

He suggested the teaching of history  should be reintroduced as suggested by the book since Anambra State is a pacesetter regarding the educational rebirth of this nation and that internet should be taught. The victim of technomania and informania which the internet portends as Henry Chigozie Duru has pointed out in the book,besides, Internet literacy should be taught in all   secondary schools so that our children will get to know its strengths and limitations.

The  event was graced by eminent scholars and dignitaries, members of  the State Executive Council.  Among  them include: The Special Guest of Honour and Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano,    the Chairman of the occasion and Chief Executive Officer, J.I Ejison International Limited, Sir J.I Ukeje,  Chinyelugo Chimaluezu, the book Reviewer and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Reading Association of Nigeria, Prof. Chukwuemeka Eze Onukaogu, among others



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