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Anambra partners RoLAC in fight against sexual abuse



GOVERNMENT of Anambra State and Rule of Law and Anti Corruption (RoLAC) have strengthened their collaboration in fighting the increasing rate  of sexual  abuse and support for the victims of sexual abuse  in the state.   

To achieve success, the state government, through the Ministries of Health, Women Affairs, Justice and Police with RoLAC have continued to increase the manpower to assist sexual abused peoples.

These ministries have been supportive through giving legal advise to the organization, reporting sexual violence cases, assigning trained professionals, counselors, social workers and  ensuring  that clients have access to relevant state funded welfare or social support benefits.

State coordinator, RoLAC, Anambra State, Josephine Onah, at the closing of the five- day seminar held in Awka, lauded the government of Anambra State for her support, stating that the state government has been instrumental in the fight against rape.

She urged the beneficiaries to go out and spread the gospel, calling on them to be agent of change

Mrs Comfort Eshiet, a consultant in charge of training the counselors added that advocacy is never ending. She tasked participants to be committed to the fight against rape.

Eshiet, urged parents to pay more attention to their girl-child through observing their behavioural changes. She emphasised that a good relationship between parents and guardians will help to make victims speak out.

“Sexual Assault Referred Centres (SARC) in its statistics shows that over 8,300 people have used the services of SARC in Nigeria from 2013 to March 2019 with over 70% referred by the police.

“The statistics also indicate that over 75% are girls under 18 years old while nearly 60% are girls under 14 years old.

Research also has it that one  out of three of all Nigerian women and girls aged 15-24 has been a victim of sexual violence.”

Dr. Uche Agu, on his part said, over the years, SARC had demonstrated the effectiveness of a multi-sector collaboration and for it to run smoothly, stakeholders must locate and commit to performing the different roles and responsibility.

“Trained doctors and nurses are available to work when called upon.

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