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Short story: Dishonest milk seller



 LONG time ago, a milk seller became very rich through dishonest means. He would cross a river daily to reach the city where his customers lived. And on his way, he would always mix the water from the river with the milk generously so as to have good profits.

One day, he went around, collecting money from his debtors in order to organise an expensive wedding for his only son. So, he used the money to buy lots of good clothes, jewelleries and other expensive materials for the wedding.

On his way home, while crossing the river, the boat over turned and all the expensive goods drowned in the river. The milk seller was very sad and burst into tears. At that time, he heard a voice from the river, saying.

“Do not cry. What you have lost is as a result of your cheating and dishonest act against your customers”.

However, this incident taught him a lesson. And he vowed to be honest in his dealings with people thereafter.

Lesson: It is not good to be dishonest. It is not also good to cheat.

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