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Two­ year old boy survives fall from three storey building



A two-years old boy, Emeka  Chinaweze, who fell from a three storey building located at One Day area of Enugu ,over the weekend, has been certified medically okay by the medical doctors who examined him at the Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, ESUT Parklane.

The doctors,  who carried out series of tests and  X-rays on the boy when he was brought to the hospital and could not detect any problem  were dumbfounded at the results. They said that they had never seen such-no bruises, no  brain damage, no broken  bones or dislocation. Everything was intact and good.

National Light gathered that Emeka’s mother , Akudo Chinaweze, who resides at One Day area of  Enugu was away when the incident happened.  She was said to have  come back from church in the evening and was cooking when one of  her children and her neighbor screamed her name.

On coming out to check who called her, she was  held, people were crying trying to console her but she was confused and kept asking what happened and when she was told what had happened, she asked where her son was but she was informed that her son has been taken to the hospital

Emeka’s mother couldn’t express her joy and thanksgiving to God when she got to the hospital and doctors told her that her son was okay. The mother said that it was  a miracle and an unforgettable moment. She said that the floors  of the compound is tiled with Cement and stones but no harm came upon the little boy.


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