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We’ll be progressive – Makinde



YESTERDAY, Oyo State witnessed the swearing and inauguration of a new party government and the 28th governor of the state since 1976.

The state, which was governed for eight years by All Progressives Congress will now be governed by Peoples’ Democratic Party(PDP) with Seyi Mankinde to man the affairs of the state in the next four years.

The event which was held at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Oke –Ado , Ibadan, attracted dignitaries and people of from the international community.

Presenting his inaugural address after being sworn in by Oyo State Chief Judge, Justice Munta Abimbola, Makinde  pledged that his administration will be a progressive administration building on programmes of past administration that were structured properly and beneficial to the masses.

Mankind said that with good governance, poverty will be confronted and era of progress and prosperity ushered in. According to him,  new ideas and initiatives will be brought in.

The governor noted that the biggest problem facing the people of Oyo State was poverty, adding that Oyo State’s income stands at 33% from Internally Generated Revenue and over 60% FAAC allocations.

“We are constantly in debt and liability.  This model is unsustainable.  It has to change. We will reduce government overheads , increase the efficiency in tax collection, simplify the tax payment system and cut down on debt accumulation without concrete repayment plans

Our focus as a government  will be to implement policies which will give our people the tools they need to lift themselves out of grinding poverty and lack”’ he state.

In the area of education, he  decried the high number of out- of –school children and abolished the N3,000.00 school fees in stated owned secondary schools to encourage high enrollment.

“We want enrollments to go up, we want our children off the streets and in the classroom. We are throwing the school doors wide open. Whoever opens a school door, opens an opportunity. We are opening opportunity for a brighter future”, he said.

Still on education the new governor maintained the need for quality education saying that quality emoluments and benefit attract quality teachers.  Continuing Mankinde said he is not ignorant of teachers plight and promised to donate his entire salary as governor to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

On the issue of minimum wage, Mankinde noted that the state cannot bear the burden now due to the state account currently. However, he said his administration’s plan is to make Oyo the first state to pay above the national  minimum wage.

“We know this is possible. We have already set out plan in motion to make this possible. But this requires time. We propose staggered increments. I met with organized labour during my campaigns and made a pledge to an open relationship. I intend to stand by that promise.  We will have a sincere conservation and arrive at the best possible decision,” the governor said.

Also, the new governor said a committee will be set up to look into all cases of those who were wrongly dismissed from the civil service, including those whose case have been decided in their favour in court who have not been reinstated.

Speaking on access to good healthcare, he said it was the responsibility of government to ensure there are adequate medical and healthcare facilities for all persons.

He  informed that in the first two years of his administration, no new healthcare centre will be built, adding that the focus  will be to upgrade the existing ones by renovating and equipping them.

Mankinde said his government will also embark on extensive reformation of the Hospital Management  Board for more effective service delivery in hospitals.

While soliciting the support of all, Governor Makinde promised  to run an all inclusive  government for the benefit of everyone regardless of their tribe, religion, social class or political affiliation.

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