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1,500 benefit from Chidioka free medicare



FORMER Minister of Aviation and one time  Corps Marshall and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Osita Chidoka has kicked off the second phase of his free medical services program  at his home town, Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra  State.

About 1,500 Anambra State residents are expected to benefit from the  programme which was targeted at all the 179 communities of the state, beginning with Obosi . It will cover a wide range of medical conditions including malaria and typhoid tests and treatment, hepatitis/retroviral screening, full medical checks, blood pressure checks and diabetes screening, comprehensive eye checks with catarat and glasses, free drugs, amongst others.

Chidoka disclosed that the programme was part of the ways he intended to give back to the society.

He added  that it gives him joy to put smiles on people’s faces, especially those who cannot help themselves.

Identifying  quality education and good healthcare as crucial factors for a productive society, Chidioka said that, “both the private sector and government must work in a collaborative manner to bring the services to the people, adding: “We have figured out that two things are critical to the survival of any society.

These are education and good health. Making it possible for people to have good education will prepare them for the society,” he further stated, “But if they don’t have good health, we cannot actualise that vision. So, my attitude as an individual, is that we should contribute our own little quota, without calling on government all the time.

He further said that, “Governments have promised health for all, governments have tried to bring healthcare to the people but of course, you can see it is not available. This is what I have decided and I have been doing for years now very quietly with the hope of bringing the things we can do for ourselves to the people.

According to him,  “Starting from Obosi this time, we will take the medical mission to other parts of the state. I am in touch with some Nigerians in Diaspora who have shown interest to come for medical mission on their own with me providing local support.

We are also going to leverage on the network of doctors in Anambra State who have volunteered to work with us on this medical mission.”.

He said that  government cannot do it alone.  Government can do a lot, there is nothing like free education or free healthcare, somebody is paying somewhere. So, what should be done is that in budgeting, government should fund healthcare and education through the private sector and not just building public institutions,” he stated.

Chidioka hinted that the programme was in  the memory of his grandfather, who was an amputee for 68 years but could still train his 12 children because of the medical care he got in his time.

He said  that many Nigerians are where they are today because of their inability to access medical help for treatable ailments, even as he stressed that his commitment is to make the mission a regular programme and modify it to address divergent areas of healthcare.

“Part of what is motivating me is that my grandfather was an amputee, he lost one of his legs during the Second World War and for 68 years, he lived with an artificial leg and the British for him that he was getting renewal of the artificial leg every two years.

“If not for the attention he got, he would have been a destitute but he retired as a civil servant after 35 years, rode his bicycle to work, bought motorcycle and car and trained his 12 children.

Chidioka assured that “It is going to be a continuous exercise and in our next mission; we will focus on preventive healthcare like diet, lifestyle, exercises.”

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