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Nnadozie presents new book



Makes case for good, effective leadership

ASSOCIATE member of the Chattered Institute of Marketing of Britain, author and founding member of the Nigerian Marketing Association (Now NIM),  Nworah Nnadozie  has called on Nigerian government to make good and effective leadership a priority, since it is the cornerstone of national development.

Mr Nnadozie made the call during the launching of his fourth book titled: ‘Good and Effective Leadership; the Cornerstone of National Development. (Global success stories)’, at Aguluzigbo Town Hall, Anaocha LGA, Anambra State.

According to Nnadozie, the troubles with Nigerian leadership are among other reasons the presence of communication gap between the leaders and the led in addition to that of imperfect federating system poised on Nigerians by the colonial masters and the military.

“ The Nigerian historic leaders of the past , Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Belewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo,  Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, S.L Akintola, Chief Dennis Osadebay to mention but a few, were all literate people who embraced the challenges of nationhood without fighting even with the defective nature of the regional structures.

All the regions were economically vibrant through the production and sales of popular agricultural products. It was the military leaderships which saw the massive wealth coming from petroleum oil during the end of the civil war that institutionalised the science of scam in the Nigeria Federal System.

With the new federating system and the decadence of agricultural products, the nation’s economy, was placed in favour of groups and states that contribute nothing to that wealth while the states that labour the wealth receive less.

Nnadozie said that all these were manipulated through state and local government creations by past military administrations, making it possible for those who received more states and local governments to also have higher representation in the National Assembly. To solve this problem, the issue of imperfect federating system must be addressed…”

He enjoined all and sundry , especially the younger generation to embrace not only education but also writing, stating that it is very important in our journey to life, adding that it’s just an opportunity to share our views even though it’s not very lucrative.

The Special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano on Housing and Chairman of the occasion, Sir. Simeon Okechukwu Okafor, while commending Nnadozie for a job well done,  called on Nigerians in general and all indigenes of Aguluzigbo in particular, to embrace peace at all times to encourage development in the town.

“It is time to forge ahead; it is time to make unity the password of progress in our society. No matter how much we personalise our right and freedom to be bitter, such disposition invariably filters into the psyche of our younger people and our relationship with one another will end up not offering our best.”

S.O Okafor, who is also an Engineer called on indigenes of Aguluzigbo both those at home and those in diaspora to turn a new leaf and avoid bitterness and rancor, and to canvass and look towards leadership that will be guided by equity, justice, sensitivity, discipline, accountability, morality, knowledge, credibility and visibility, adding that good leadership ensures transparency, accessibility, respect in the entire administration by advocating fairness and total commitment to duty in order to ensure sanity, intergrity and high moral values among our people.

Okafor appealed to them to give peace a chance and embrace the 3rd Peace  Committee and the six village Chairmen, adding that charity begins at home.

While speaking on the resourcefulness of the book, the reviewer, Dr Chuka Nwosu described the author’s life as a huge success and the book as a compendium of solution Nigeria needs to solve her seeming problems.

According to Nwosu, The book, ‘Good Governance and Effective Leadership’  which is targeted at every literate person and the intellectual community, but more directly students, and people in the management and leadership positions, who are given to organised political thoughts is the panacea to the seeming problems of Nigeria.

However, he spotted some lacuna in the author’s prognosis’. Chuka said that Nnadozie failed or neglected to highlight a template of political ethos, dos, don’ts and must-dos, to exhibit characteristics of potential good and effective leaders on our political processes.

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