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Anambra Bureau of Statistics commends National Light



ACTING, State statistician General, Anambra State Bureau of Statistics, Paul Emeka Obiekezie, had commended Anambra Newspapers and printing Corporation, publisher of National Light newspaper, Ka Odi Ta and Sports Light Extra, for promoting the activities of the Bureau and the entire State.    

Speaking during the dissemination of 2017 year Book, held recently in Awka, Obiekezie noted that National Light Newspaper had earlier on published the State Gross Domestic product as presented by the Bureau. “The management and staff of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation are partners in Progress.”, He pleaded that the relationship should continue.

Interestingly, Gross Domestic product,  is one of the primary indices used to monitor and measure the growth of state’s economy.

It is meant to ensure that resources are well channeled to priority sectors with the responsibility of managing economic cooperation as it provides measure of the quantum of economic activities within a defined Economy GDP also helps to identify key drivers of economic growth, in the state to aid policy formulation and implementation.

According to the Ag Statistician General, Obiekezie, Anambra Bureau Of statistic has important functions to perform, which include the coordination of the state statistical system, advising the state and local government on all matters relatable to development, developing and promoting the use of statistical standards and appropriate methodologies in the state statistical system.

Stressing further, Obiekezie said, other functions include, collecting, compiling, analysing, interpreting, publishing and disseminating statistical information alone or in collaboration with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental organizations, developing and maintaining a comprehensive socio-Economic state Data Bank and fulfilling all other functions relating to statistics which the state government may from time to time direct.

Commenting on the challenges of publishing statistical year Book as at when due, Obiekezie frowned at attitudes of some agencies who submit their data late and others don’t cooperate with the state Bureau, not minding that there is a law which says that a person who fails to furnish any information, estimate, return of particulars which he or she is required to furnish under the law is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of stipulated amount.

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