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ANPC ends staff training on pension issues



ANAMBRA Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), has ended a one-week training of its staff on pension issues.

The event, which took place at the ANPC premises with the theme, “Pension Desk Workshop,” was organised for workers to be able to handle pre-auditing and pension issues.

The training had an expert in the field of pensions, a retired civil servant, Jude Anadi, who explained the imperativeness of being conversant with pension matters.

Mr Anadi said that pension administration procedure was important to ensure that the computation of an officer’s retirement benefit was smooth and devoid of problems, as it involves the maintenance of adequate records throughout an officer’s period of service on one hand, and on the other hand, the maintenance of circulars and decree guiding pension matters by the pension schedule officer.

“It is essential that an officer’s benefit should be paid as he is qualified on time to make it meaningful. It is also very important for the desk officers involved in processing of retirement benefits to be conversant with all aspects of documentation in pension’s administration,” he stressed.

He also narrated the conditions and circumstances under which pension and gratuity may be granted under section 3 (I) and (2) of Decree 102.

Mr Anadi, noted that there are conditions to be fulfilled before payment of pension could be effected, pointing out that some of them apply where an officer dies or had an accident or incident occurs in the actual performance of his duty or duties as the case may be.

He also said that some people due to ignorance of how to write a letter prior to the notice of retirement of either length of service of 35years or attending 60years of age, forfeit their right to all benefit, because instead of writing a letter of notice of voluntary or withdrawal, wrote notice of resignation that meant such officer has resigned his pensionable appointment and other benefits, no matter how many years he or she had spent in the course of his or her service rendered.

He cautioned those who are yet in the service and those who are about to retire to be careful of what and how to use certain words or sentences to avoid such erroneous mistakes.

Moreover, Mr Anadi said that every staff should be careful in manipulation of grade levels and steps to avoid refund of money after retirement.

In a vote of thanks, the head of Advert Department, Mrs Ngozi Agusiobo, thanked the facilitator for his efforts and humility during the workshop, pointing out that the training has opened their eyes on pension issues.

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