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Christians mark Corpus Christi



THE need for Christians to always place their  hope and faith in  Jesus Christ has been stressed.

Associate Pastor of St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish, Ichida, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Very Rev. Fr. Cyril Obiweluozor made the remark while delivering a homily during a thanksgiving Mass to mark feast of Corpus  Christ held recently.

He observed that it originated in the middle ages as part of devotion to the Blessed Eucharist.” Through the inspiration of a Belgian Saint, Juliana of Leige to whom  our Lord appeared in a vision, the feast was established in 1256 in her home parish by the Diocesan Bishop. Pope Urban IV, who had known of the devotion before his election established the feast for the universal church in 1264.”

He said that many Christians gave Jesus Christ different names such as:- The Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Bread of life, the Everlasting Glory,  the unfinishing bread, the king of kings, etc.

“For us Christians, it is a mandate underlined “ unless you eat my blood and body , you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven” we are enjoying because Christ has paved us the ways….We are using the Blood and the Bread of life.

Christ  is being configured by the priest of God. He was pouring Blood on the cross, but from the configuration of the priest, it now becomes the Eucharist, it was an offer the high priest Melchizedek offered. We are reenacting the mandate of Christ.

He has no genealogy. When Abraham offered tithe to him, he blessed him. Therefore, the mandators are doing

according to Christ injunction. Christ entered the sanctuary once and offered himself over and over for remission of sins.”

He urged the congregation to always approach the Eucharist with devotion, for adoration, thanksgiving for forgiveness, for health and prosperity. “Once you approach him, he will reward you with good health, knowledge, good husband, good wife, good children, long life and prosperity etc.

Very Rev. Fr. Obiweluozor charged the congregation to ” always make judicious use of the church chapel to make their supplications known to Jesus Christ in the  Blessed Eucharist and avoid parading from one church to another expecting  miracles to happen for he never fails to respond to one who calls on him with patience, hope, trust and faith.

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