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Commending Anambra’s strategy for farmers



IN ANAMBRA State, the last five years had been monumental in record raking  as outstanding feats had been recorded in education, social security, industrial growth, economic advancement and overall good governance.

AGRICULTURE is one sector that has put the state on a high horse among her contemporaries, earning her laurels from different bodies with aplomb. Just recently, the 2018 Agricultural Revolution Network Merit Award’ was awarded to Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano by President Muhammed Buhari.

The award was a clear indication of how far the agric revolution he conceived and introduced in Anambra is appraised nationally. It also buttresses the effectiveness of his revolution in the agriculture sector in Anambra State.

Ndi Anambra can therefore, boldly say today that they have a robust agricultural programme that good investors cannot overlook.

THE state government, yesterday, made the traditional farming season with flag off  of the 2019 year, under the theme: ‘Farm Cluster Development, A Vehicle for Sustainable Agriculture.’  Results of Innovations that have, over the years, brought the  realisation of high yield  were exhibited, promoting hope of richer proceeds at the end of this season. New initiatives were captured in the governor’s speech at the event.

In his message to Ndi Anambra during the flag off, he identified; honey production, impute disbursement, improved export promotion, Anambra  Farmers Shop, Smart Weather Soldiers initiative, cluster farm reservation scheme and youth in agriculture programmes among them.

THIS cluster farm scheme is geared towards capacity utilization for improved production despite successes already recorded in the sector.

For the state under Governor Obiano, agriculture is as much for food sufficiency as it is for profit in business, hence nothing is too much in the bid to make the system better; therefore, no stone should be left unturned in the quest for improvement.

NOTHING alludes to this fact more than these few words captured in his speech: “The performance indicators are all impressive.

For instance, the records show that rice production in our dear state has been on a steady increase, rising from 80,000 metric tons in 2014 when I was sworn in, to 440,000 metric tons in 2018. Our projection for this planting season is to produce 475,547 metric tons of rice.

Similarly, cassava production rose from 15,324 metric tons when I stepped in to 1,236,409 metric tons in 2018.”

FOR those who can read the stars, Anambra  is on the road to a quiet revolution that will see them fit to conveniently feed herself and sufficiently provide for the hungry stomachs across the country and beyond.

THE challenge facing the realisation of this big dream remains some natural factors like flooding, as well as manmade ones, like communal clashes and animal invasion of farms.

BUT the state has assured farmers not to fidget over negative speculations, stating its preparedness to face squarely, all eventualities that may spell doom for them as it is already soaring in search of options that will insulate her farmers from any shock and bring balance between strategy and outcome. Hence, the rich tactical content in the establishment of the new units in the chain.

THE horizon is bright for Anambra as the stage sets for this season’s exercise and acceptance of the state’s agric programmes give great hopes for realisation of her farmers’ dream.

THE governor has made it clear that the projection for yam this year is 83,600 metric tons, while cassava output is to    reach 2,060, 682 metric tons. Maize production which stood at 22,000 metric last season is projected to hit an output of 63, 255 metric tons this season. Vegetables production is expected to hit 321,600 metric tones.

WITH this, it should not be any surprise when Anambra State heads to the Top-3 states in agricultural production in Nigeria.

NATIONAL Light  believes that the states stride in agriculture is on course and she will deliver on her promises by the time the season’s harvest comes given the indicators already in place.

WE EQUALLY believe that with the re-introduction of School Farm (Ugbo Umu Akwukwo) programme into the school system, young ones will develop healthy interest in agriculture and will be effectively integrated into state’s agriculture scheme. This will make them self-reliant from their formative years without their losing focus on academic pursuits.

IT IS therefore not delusive to hope for the better when strong foundation backed with excellent execution is perfected. It may only be a question of time for Anambra agriculture innovations to be a  template that will lift many from hunger zones in Nigeria.

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