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Anambra seals trade ties with US’ Orange City



Obiano promises to keep retooling foreign investment strategy …

ANAMBRA will keep retooling her approach to attracting foreign investment into the state until it makes her prime choice for investors in Nigeria.

Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, dropped the hints while signing a bilateral agreement between Anambra State and the City of Orange in New Jersey, USA.

Gov. Obiano also seized the opportunity of the forum to reiterate that his administration has put all structures in place to fast track economic development of Anambra by making the state an attractive easy and friendly prospect for American investors and others who would want to explore the opportunities that abound in Anambra State as a peerless economic model.

Speaking while delivering an address titled “Waiting for America,” Gov. Obiano described  Anambra as a state in her finest moment in history, adding that no prudent investor would want to be left out.

The governor outlined some economic indexes that give Anambra an upper hand among other states in Nigeria as a priceless investment destination.

Anambra State governor, Chief Willie Obiano (right) looks on while Mayor of New Jersey, USA, Dwayne Warren (middle) signs bilateral trade agreement between Anambra State and the Orange City yesterday.

According to him, this includes having one of the highest literacy rates in the country, being home to the largest retail market in West Africa and boasting of over three cities with biggest pedigree of indigenous or traditional technology, as well as the largest crop of experienced middlemen and suppliers that have enough expertise to move goods across Africa, apart from over 40 trillion cubic feet of untapped natural gas waiting for strategic partnerships in establishment of modular refineries, power generation, agro-allied industries and industrial parks among others.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Mayor of the City of Orange, Dwayne Warren described the new trade tie with Anambra State as a timely auspice for both parties to exchange ideas and benefit simultaneously on both socio-cultural and economic, as well as technological frontiers.


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