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Anal itching



ABOUT five per cent of us suffer from some form of anal itching at one point or another and it’s more prevalent in Dr, men than women.

The best thing you can do with a touch of anal itching is to find somewhere quiet and give it that good old fashion scratch it deserves. This provides a huge level of short term pleasure and gets rid of that embarrassing irritation.

The truth is that persistent scratching of the anal region can cause the problem to get worse and it leads to things like bleeding and severe pain.

A 46-year-old motor mechanic has been having persistent anal itching which has remained stubborn. He had lost count of medicated soaps he had bathed with, not to talk of the local medicated and herbal concoctions he applied on his anal region, all to no avail. Recently, he had remained withdrawn, and is desperately ready to meet with the physician today to help seek a lasting solution if possible  to this embarrassment.

Immediately he opened the doctor’s consulting office, the following conversations ensued.

Patient:-Good morning doctor.

Doctor:-Good morning, please have a seat.

Patient:-Oga doctor, na my anus de scratch me o and e don  tee  wey e don de pain me(he said in Pidgin English that he has been experiencing an anal itching for a long time)

Doctor:-You mean that you have been having an anal itching for long?

Patient:-Yes doc sir, but before it began, I de shit faeces wey hard like stone (he was constipated). Later, e come de come with blood (frank haematochezia) . After that, my anus come de come out (haemorrhoid)

Doctor:-For how long have you been having this problem?

Patient:-Up to six months.

Doctor:-I mean the itching?

Patient:-Two week ago, but it became worse a week ago.

Anal itching

The common symptoms are;

*Annoying itch in the anal area.

Anal itching has several common causes. The following are possible causes are:

Hygiene problems:-Not wiping after a bowel movement may allow faeces to remain on the skin and lead to irritation. Too much wiping and cleansing of the anal area can also dry or irritate the skin. Wipe your anal area completely but gently. When you bathe or shower, don’t scrub the anal area too hard and don’t use a rough washcloth. Use a mild soap.

Infestations:- A pinworm infestation can cause anal  itching at night, when the adult worm comes to the surface of the anal area to lay eggs. Treatment consists of taking an oral medicine to kill the worms. A steroid cream, such as hydrocortisone cream may relieve itching.

Skin conditions:- Fungal infections, psoriasis, eczema or contact dermatitis may cause itching anywhere on the body, including the skin around the anus. Antifungal medicines can help relieve the symptoms and kill the infection. Hydrocortisone cream can help relieve the itching.

Other problems:- Hemorrhoids or loose muscles around the anus can result in fluid leakage from the anal canal, which irritates and chaps the skin. The skin irritation usually causes itching and pain in the rectal area. Treatment of the problem usually relieves the itching.



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