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Transporters to obtain hackney permit in Anambra



TOWARDS better management of motor parks, transport business in Anambra State and enhanced revenue collection for the development of the state, the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS), yesterday, held bid opening for revenue collection for motor parks in the state.

Addressing bidders at the event held at the Training Hall, Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, Awka, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, David Nzekwu, stated that the AIRS received 228 bids, which 11 were invalids for different reasons and those reasons were explained to everybody.

He promised a transparent policy for selection procedures, “It is our conviction that we do better if we openly and transparently conduct the exercise so that we could improve revenue that comes to the state.

What is now left for us is to set up a committee that will review all the bids that we have received and confirm that they have followed all the laid down guidelines. Confirm documents that were submitted and expect that this will be concluded in the next ten days and subsequently communicates everybody of the position.”

He frowned at the past tax collection regime which has not benefitted the state, “the revenue that we are seeking to gets agents to assist us with the collection will see significant changes in the method of collection of which the most important thing is to inform you that whereas in the past people made bids, they were awarded contracts and they made deposits sometimes that is below ten cent of the value of the collections they did,” he said.

Successful bidders at the end of the process are expected to make payment within 24 hours of announcement, subsequently, they will be provided with the receipt that will be used to for such collections,

“hence you will be expected to make payment in advance, as agent in respect of the revenue that you collect for the state you will be paid by way of commission. The essence of doing this is to ensure that we have proper accountability for our revenue that is collected in the state.

In respect of collection in parks, Keke drivers and the rest of them across the state, when an individual make payment, we would give receipt for the value that you have paid with the appropriate commission that is attached to it”

The AIRS boss henceforth expects that every vehicle that plies Anamvra State on commercial basis must obtain motor hackney permit indicating the route that they will be plying including those that will ply inter-state commercial service,

“it is expected that they register with the state motor registry office or obtain hackney or state permit appropriate for the business they do and this applies to vehicles that are used for transportations in the state. Second, drivers are expected to goto the motor registry office to obtain driver’s badge which indicates the route authorized the driver to ply, including the driver’s details.

In addition motor conductors will be will be to register with state government through the state motor registry office.

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