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Graduation galore: Children celebrate in grand styles



GRADUATION is such an event every primary school child would wish to witness and enjoy. It is also a day other children would like seeing their fellow pupils dress up in graduation gowns, caps, and the opportunity to meet all the pupils who are graduating with their parents and siblings taking photographs.

It was not a different story as Saint Lawrence Splendid Nursery and Primary school, Mbaukwu; Iru-Ugo Primary School, Mbaukwu; Olive Child School, Nibo;  Kabe Nursery and Primary school, Amawbia; as well as Kemy Nursery and primary school, Amawbia, all in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State celebrate their graduations in grand styles.

The above mentioned schools produced about 161 graduands, 86 pupils from nursery three and 76 pupils in basic six.

Speaking during their separate graduation ceremonies, the Headmistress, Saint Lawrence Splendid Nursery and Primary school, Mbaukwu, Lois Okeke, explained that education is an important aspect of human life which has the power and key to any establishment on the face of the earth.

Okeke also stated that after graduation, children would be better motivated to take their studies more seriously and sow seed for a great future while parents and teachers would also be encouraged to invest in their children for a greater tomorrow.

She prayed that the grandaunts would excel in life both physically, morally, academically, socially, mentally, spiritually, as well as economically by God’s grace.

Nursery 3 pupils

The headmistress used the opportunity to advise the basic six grandaunts to be responsible to both their families and to the society in general, as well be worthy students of any secondary school they would find themselves in Nigeria.

Also in their graduation, the headmistress, Iru-Ugo Primary School, Mbaukwu, Amaka Amata, exposed that education involves strategic planning and serious organisation to achieve all round development of a child.

Amata stressed that there is need to “catch them young” lamenting that one cannot achieve such in a socially unconducive environment.

She used the period to itemised some issues bordering the school which needed an urgent attention. The areas include: provision of sports equipment for early child care development (ECCD) classes; more teachers; security personnel and completion of the fencing of the school compound to ward off intruders; more class rooms; teaching and learning facilities such as desks, chairs and tables to mention but a few.

In another development, the headmistress, Olive Child School, Nibo, Chinyere Ugah gladly said that the outing was another remarkable event in the life of the school as fulfillment in their quest to contribute to the sound educational upbringing of children both in Nibo and its environs.

Ugah pointed out that the graduands, being assumed to have passed through moral and academic exercise just like their predecessors who have projected the name of the school in various secondary schools they were posted to would emulate and live by such example making the school proud at all levels they find themselves.

Basic 6 pupils

She however stated that the standard of a primary school is measured by the performance of their pupils in secondary schools where they would meet other pupils, adding that their school is only noted for academic excellence.

In their ceremony, the headmistress, Kabe Nursery and Primary School, Amawbia, Victoria Asogwa, reminded their grandaunts that the event was all about them and what they have achieved through handwork, determination, and moment of creative inspiration.

Asogwa noted that graduation is a time to imagine ones future and beyond, charging the grandaunts to always be dedicated and focused as they move into the world so as to achieve their goals in life.

In their ceremony, headmistress, Kemy Nursery and Primary School, Amawbia, Ifeoma H. Okeke, added that graduation is a must in the life of every child who had undergone school of any kind, emphasising that such celebration indicates that one has passed through a particular training as far as education is concerned.

She commended the school management and teachers for their commitment seeing that Kemy School achieved success in training up their pupils both socially, educationally, physically, morally and otherwise.

The headmistress also advised the grandaunts to always put what they have learnt from the school into practice by bearing their Alma Mata in mind.

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