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Medic recommends regular medical check to prevent sudden death



State Vice Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association,  Jide Onyekwelu has advised persons of 40 years and above to go for high blood pressure and sugar level tests at least twice in a year to ascertain their health status.

Dr Onyekwelu, who made the call at Nkpor while speaking on some cardinal causes of sudden death, noted that such checks will lead to the possible detection of hypertension or diabetes.

Describing sudden death as a condition caused by no obvious illness, the medical expert listed its features to include the rupturing of the blood vessels by high blood pressure, weak blood vessel rupturing by diabetes, and by blood clotting occasioned by diseases of the blood vessels.

To check sudden death, Dr Onyekwelu suggested that people should visit their doctors regularly for medical advise.

He corrected the erroneous impression by some popular belief that people are being remoted to die and warned people not to accept such beliefs but rather to choose medical advice early.

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