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Tasks in S’East for on-coming FG ministers



IT IS no longer news that the 43 persons in the list that President Muhammadu Buhari sent to the Senate for  ministerial positions for his second term in office have scaled through screening. The task before the 43 wise men and women is not as easy one as their easy passage through the senate. When one considers the myriads of problems facing the country presently, the task before the nominees become clearer.

LOOKING at the nominees, the South East accounted for six with some tested administrators and successful business moguls like Uche Ogah from Abia State, Dr.Ogbonnaya Onuh from Ebonyi State, Dr. Chris Ngige and Sharon Ikeazor, from Anambra State, Geoffrey Onyeama, from Enugu State and Emeka Nwajuba from Imo State. These people are no doubt, illustrious sons and daughter of Igbo extraction who we are proud of.

THE important question at this juncture is: what does the future hold for the South East this time around even with these anointed Davids representing the interests of the zone?

IT WILL not amount to an overstatement to say that the South East did not get much from the Buhari administration during his first tenure in office. The roads in the whole of the zone are in terrible states of dilapidation. From the Enugu-Onitsha, Expressway, Enugu-Port Harcourt Express way, Owerri- Express way to Owerri-Umuahia roads are to say the least, death traps that are posing nightmares to travellers.

KNOWING the importance of these roads to the people of the South East and indeed all Nigerians, it is expected that the federal government should without wasting time, fix them for the economic benefit of the country.

A CURSORY look at the list of the nominees from other geo-political zones shows that it comprised those that worked with the president during his first tenure. With their reappointments, the president is simply telling Nigerians that he was satisfied with their first term performances, which of course earned them another chance. But one thing is certain;

Nigerians will no longer accept any reason from the president and his lieutenants for any failure to perform to their expectations, having used the first four years to water the ground for a resounding success in the second term. The time of blaming the past regimes for any failure is now past, buried and will no longer be acceptable to Nigerians. Buhari promised Nigerians change during his first term in office which was rarely noticed by Nigerians through their standards of living. Now, he has promised ‘Next Level’ and Nigerians are waiting eagerly to see it.

PEOPLE of the South East want to feel the impact of the promised next level by the president in the areas of power, motorable roads, commerce and industry, technology, housing, finance and trade, etc.

APART from Lagos, it is unarguable to say that the South East is the next industrial hub of the country. With factories and industries in Nnewi, Aba, Enugu, etc, the people in these areas need electricity to run their productions. Economic realities on the ground had shown that use of generators for production by industries contributes largely to the high cost of products and services which unfortunately take its toll on the consumers with their meager resources. For the president to win the accolades of the people of the South East, and indeed Nigerians, he must make an uninterrupted power supply a reality.

  IT IS our firm belief that it is the duty of government at all levels to help business to thrive through effective security of lives and property. Good policies, programmes and provision of loans for small scale industrialists would no doubt, boost economic growth.

THERE is no arguing the fact that economy thrives on sound technological advancement. We no doubt believe that when the right technology is around, commerce and industry will survive. For instance, Nigerian industrialists will no longer require Chinese or Japanese technology to maintain their factories if they can get it in the country. The amount of foreign exchange being spent annually to import foreign technology for the maintenance of our industries will be reduced and the country will be the better for it.

HOUSING is another challenge the Buhari administration must tackle head-on this time around in other to assuage the yearnings of Nigerians for decent accommodations. Apart from providing accommodations, we believe that the federal governments can bring down cost of building materials. Nigerians are very hard working people who are capable of owing their own houses with the right policies and meticulous implementation.

PRESIDENT Buhari has the opportunity to write his name in gold in annals of leadership in this country. With the crop of men and women he has gathered for his second term in office, it is expected that he has the chance to correct all the short comings of his first term

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