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Woman escapes death as car plunges into ditch



A MIDDLE-age woman escaped death after  her car, a light green Honda CR-V with registration number, Lagos FST-491 AA plunged into ditch on the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway near Step, few metres from ARROMA Junction.

According to the woman who didn’t disclose her name, she had just descended the flyover on her way to Abuja Estate axis.

According to her, she never knew what was happening and she suddenly saw the tire running in front of her car. Then the car galloped and began to swerve climbing the support beam of one  of the nearest street light poles, brushed the pole and plunged into the ditch.

She climbed out through the car’s window with minor bruise on her left arm. “Supposing I was on speed, the worst could have happened. Perhaps, the car could have somersaulted. When I noticed the tire running in front of the car, the car began to swerve and I tried to control it. I saw workers of Anambra State Waste Management Agency (ASWAMA).

“If I had maintained the same lane, I would have crushed ASWAMA workers few metres away or another vehicle ramming into mine. To avert that, I swerves the car toward the nearest street light pole, brushing the pole, it plunged into ditch landing on the driver’s side. I can’t explain more than this.God’s intervention averted loss of life.”

The ASWAMA workers said they nearly died of fear when they saw a tire runnig towards them. “We saw a car swerving initially towards our direction, until the diversion and the accident that followed. We can’t believe that she came out alive. We had expected her to sustain heavy injury. It’s just a miracle that she was alive. We thank God for that,” they said.

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