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64 bouquets for Willie Obiano: Outstanding leader, inspiring higher heights



AS Gov Willie Obiano celebrates his 64th birthday, CHARITY UZOAGBA and NKECHI IKENWOKE sampled opinions of people concerning the governor at 64.


Our governor is game changer – Emman Ude Akpeh

Gov. Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano is naturally a good person; a man with a large heart, very intelligent, hardworking and one who works for the common good always. That is Willie Obiano,  the man who is the governor today. That is the game changer, number one citizen of Anambra State.

I say happy birthday celebration to our governor, I wish him well. I  wish that he continues to enjoy good health and that the good lord continues to give him  wisdom which he will use to continue leading our state and serving  ndi Anambra.

He has done well all round, especially in the area of security where Anambra has remained the number one in South East. H

e has also done well in provision of basic infrastructure and human capital development. Despite the recession we witnessed in recent past which is yet to be over, he pays salaries and the economy continues to grow. So I think he is a good governor, manager of resources; both human and material.”


Obiano on right direction – Okechukwu Ezeobi

HIS Excellency is already a celebrated governor even among governors he has lot landmark policies which other state are emulating. So on 64th birthday is an occasion to once again encourage and pray for our icon in Anambra state.

Being a party leader is not easy. So, I encourage him and pray  that God will grant him more wisdom in dealing with the different fractions of the party as a party leader so that he will galvanize APGA to become a greater and stronger force not only in Anambra State but also, the  entire eastern region and at national level.


Also  let him know that everybody, no matter how hard you work, you need people to encourage you; to let you know that you are going to the  right direction. So, I want to use this opportunity to say a wonderful happy birthday to him and to let him  know that we are working hard because of his encouragement.

Frankly speaking, the governor as a person is a big hearted and passionate human being. He has a heart of gold. It is not flattery, he is  very passionate about things that concern ndi Anambra; a governor who is not comfortable with owing contractors. No contractor in Anambra State will say that he is being owed.

He is busy affecting every area of the state, specifically area of agriculture. His recent policy drive on Efi Igbo is quite encouraging and by virtue of this drive; it  is like a resonance, People are waking up to the realization that it’s time to boost agriculture.  Well,  he is a wonderful leader but nevertheless, there is always room for improvement in every organization. He is doing well as a governor.


He should extend development of roads in rural areas – Uche Nwogwugwu

FOR Prof. Uche.C. Nwogwugwu, a lecturer in Nnnamdi Azikiwe University, ”Describing the governor as a person, I will quote Hillary Clinton, he says power doesn’t change anybody but power reveals the person, until you give somebody power, you may not know what is inside the person, from my observation everybody has his own idiosyncrasy and uniqueness in terms of use of power.

So for the Gov, he is using the power according to his inner being and I think he is doing well. He is managing resources within his capacity, building things and moving the state well. For me, Gov Obiano is a peaceful man and man of harmony and that reflects in the work of his administration.

There is large chunk of peace in the state, when you compare with other state in different government and their style. I think he is doing well and I wish he continues in that or improve on it.  On behalf of myself and the institution that I represent, I am wishing His Excellency Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global) a very wonderful birthday with lot of prayers that the Lord will enlarge his coast and give him more strength to accomplish the task which is before him as a governor.

Issue of life has to do woth commending people in places that he has done well and also to beef up in certain area. In education, he has not done badly at all, even though people will claim that he has not done much, but I think under his administration Anambra State was able to go worldwide and pick gold laurel and some competition in ICT, that is a rare achievement under his government.

Also in health, issues of health disasters have not being experience, he has done so much in . he should diversify the issue rural development like road infrastructure to all corners of the state, putting particular attention to those areas that are so bad, impassable area”


Obiano is education friendly governor – Ify Okaro

I WANT to congratulate our able governor and alert governor for his good work to the people of Anambra State. God will continue to bless him and Her Excellency, Osodieme. I must commend her. They say behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. She is a good, wonderful and kind helpmate.

His Excellency is a man to reckon with. He has a  good heart; he is not only an alert governor, he is education friendly governor. He has done so much in the field of education and I applaud him for that. I am wishing him as a person, the best of love, better  and more glorious years ahead.

After celebrating this year’s birthday, we will continue to celebrate him and above all, I wish him heaven at last. I appreciate his doggedness towards education and we are looking forward  to seeing more things from him. He is always there for us.

He has made us to know  that Anambra State will always have zero tolerance to examination malpractice; whereby our children should be taught accordingly and be confident to write examinations without exam malpractice. May God continue to bless him, his family and everything that concerns him..

Recently he recruited secondary and primary school teachers and it was published last week. This is to show you that he is very much eager to see that our children are well taught. He has also promised to employ another 500 science teachers to make sure that our schools don’t lack teachers in important areas”

He has a benevolent heart – Vera Okonkwo

I wish our amiable governor a happy birthday. I wish him many more years in good health. I wish him long life and all the good wishes and above all ,I pray God to take away everything that will work or militate against him.

Indeed, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, apart from being a governor is a very good man with heart of gold. He is charitable and likes to see people happy.  He likes to empower people; he puts food on the tables of many even when he was not a governor.

He is humane and runs an open door for everybody. He is a nice man. He reads the  countenance of everybody. When you are happy, he will be happy and when you are not happy, he looks for the things that makes you not happy and make you happy.

He is a living saint. As a governor – the  best  I have ever met, he changed the face of governance in Anambra State. When there was recession, he put in place many things like N20 million Choose Your  Project Initiative  in all the 189 communities.

I must commend him also for putting lights everywhere and for  security. Before now, nobody can come into Anambra  and sleep but now, we sleep with our two eyes closed. Visitors come in and move freely. There is night life and the economy improved under Obiano’s administration”


He manages resources well – Blessing Ogbalu

Today is a special day in the life of our able Gov, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, Akpokuedioke Global. There is no better time for me to appreciate the governor than the occasion of his birthday.

I appreciate your work and love for Ndi Anambra. May the good Lord give you long life and wisdom as was given to King Solomon. I also wish you prosperity, God’s guidance and protection upon him and family. I want to use this opportunity to thank him for his services to our state and I want to specially thank him for peace in Anambra. It is not easy to be a leader. Because of his good leadership, he won a second time.

He manages the resources despite all challenges. I want to thank him for the steady payment of salaries to workers as and  when due, involvement of youth in government through investing in skills and craft; whereby some youth are effectively trained in diverse skills.

Another achievement is in agricultural sector. He is doing well there. He is promoting indigenous agricultural products and that is what we need now. More so, the sport aspect now has a new face where our young ones perform very well and  in educational sector, our students are outstanding both within and outside the state and country. It is quite impressive. Bravo to Akpokuedike!”


He lives up to expectations – Joseph Uchendu

His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano, Akpokuedike Global is somebody that dreams big and has the good of the state at heart as a person. Fundamentally, we know what it means to govern; which means to be the regulator.

He is the person that rings the bell, telling where we are supposed to go as far as Anambra State is concerned. We had military administrators and between the military administrators, we had one civilian governor, His Excellency, Chukwuemeka Ezeife (Okwadike Igbukwu).

Then in 1999, there was election where His Excellency, Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju came in as a governor. His government was regarded as a locust year. These were times when the god fathers ruptured the people of Anambra State.

That was also the time salaries were owed. For one complete year, people were not paid their salaries . In 2006 or thereabout, there was a land mass election where ndi Anambra insisted that they wouldn’t want bad governance again.

After that election, INEC declared His Excellency, Dr. Chris Ngige as the winner and he came on board and we saw the policy that played out and his efforts to stop the influence of god fathers to the politics of Anambra State.

It was a bad clash for him but a big win to Ndi Anambra because he studied round and started to implement people’s oriented programmes in the state. That marked the best of good governance in Anambra State.

Governor Willie Obiano, who is celebrating his 64th birthday today, within the six years, has made land mark achievements as governor but I want to underscore as a person that demand by the people of Anambra State; that they need good governance.

Each and everybody that comes in now must be very careful. That is the challenge on ground and that was what people demanded and they were given that.

There is no body that will now go below that. If you go below that, the people will chase you out. Therefore, His Excellency, Akpokuedike Global has so far measured up to the expectations, although there are rooms for improvement.

Now, one thing I must commend him for is management. The  greatest achievement in his administration  is in  the area of community chose your project scheme.

As Chairman of National Orientation Agency, I want to use this medium to draw his attention also to a recent program we recently launched tagged, Patronage of made in Nigeria goods and services,’ which we took up from Nnewi, last week Wednesday.

It was a successful program but people are so much worried about the failure of federal government to give them energy to succeed as entrepreneurs.  Many factories have closed down in Nnewi. So there is a need for our governor to find a lasting solution to the energy question in south east.

I would also like to tell him to do his best to start the airport at Umueri before he leaves office. I believe once Anambra begins to get it right, it will not only be for Anambra alone but for the good of the entire federation. There would also be opportunities for entrepreneurial ability. I congratulate him on his 64th birthday and wish him successful completion of his tenure.


Our teaching hospital has received attention – Basil Nwankwo

IN THE past 20 months, one would comfortably say that our teaching hospital has enjoyed tremendous attention by our governor in the sense that we had over N2.5 billion  investment in this hospital alone and we are not talking of issues that are not on ground already.

As you work into the hospital, when you turn right, you will see the oxygen plant that is currently producing and that is the only oxygen plant located in south eastern region and the first of its kind. As you move in further again, you will see the Mother, Child Health Referral Centre. That is again the only one in the south east.

The Mega laboratory is also there which was designated this year by UNICEF, that can handle 105 specimen; that again is the only one in south east. You come to our diagnostic radiology Lab, His Excellency graciously approved installation of  64 life CT scan.. If you go into our casualty ward, you will see that it is equipped with sate-of- the- art- machines.

Essentially, we have three refrigerators there while I read in the news that some teaching hospitals are finding it difficult to even have one refrigerator. In our physiotherapy department, you will see state- of- the- art equipment  there. So essentially, it has been wonderful for the teaching hospital in the past one year.

His Excellency as a person and as a governor  is a man greatly unassuming. He likes things being straight forward, he likes the truth, he likes issues about finance to be clearly made  and he is somebody who as a matter of fact, likes to teach people and equip them.

He will teach you about how to fish so that in no distance time, he will stop giving you the fish. In other words, he likes standard. He doesn’t like vision being muddled..

As His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano celebrates his 64th birthday, I wish him best of luck, good health, wisdom and strength to continue to pilot the affairs of the state.


He has interest of ndi Anambra at heart – Emma Ifesinachi

The essence of governance is about providing security to the people and the next thing is to guarantee the security. In Anambra State, especially in the last four years, we have seen a security network that is exemplary.

In our state today, one can sleep with his two eyes closed, go out and come home safely with his family. Unlike what was the case before Governor Willie Obiano came in, we in Nigeria Union of Journalists, Anambra State Council commend him for enthroning good security network in the state.

Then the next thing is his love towards agriculture which is  worth mentioning. He has tried to encourage farmers in the state and people can now talk about certain agricultural products that is predominantly peculiar to Anambra State.

Due to his interest on that, people in the state can now have their meal at when due. We solidly thank him for every area of development he ventures into.  Our environment is enabling today.

In the area of public and human relations, the governor as a person has  listening ears whenever you approach him for any problem that borders on either the state or individual level. He equally finds solution to problems disclosed to him.

His Excellency has been supporting us. He gave two buses to NUJ, encouraging whatever activities we are having in the union just to ensure that capacity building is executed in the state. Therefore, while we commend him for clocking 64 years, we equally thank him for his resourcefulness and resilience.

He is consolidating on the achievement of the first tenure in this second tenure and we in the union will not hesitate to give him every necessary amount of support and solidarity to ensure that he succeeds in the second tenure.

Furthermore, there is street light mounted on our roads. That is the compliments of his effort towards security. That has shown that he has traveled wide and has seen good things in other states and wants to replicate it in Anambra State. We thank him for that because all his marvelous efforts make Anambra State an outstanding state among the committee of states in Nigeria.


He has made us proud – Kanayochukwu Obidigbo

I CONGRATULATE His Excellency for adding one more year to his age. He looks quite youthful and I pray that God will accord him many more years to come.

His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano has been in office approximately not less than five years and some months. With every sense of responsibility, I think he has actually done well compared to our past governors. For instance, Awka Metropolis is  looking  more like a  modern city because once it is  six o’clock, there is light everywhere.

He has been able to do few roads and still have more to do particularly in the inland town of Awka. I will also appreciate that he takes into recognition the erosion menace in Awka as a whole.

I wish also that other ministries will be able to live up to their mandate particularly the Ministry of Works as it affects our roads. Furthermore, His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano has done very well in workers welfare; that is paying their salaries up to date and making workers to put in  their optimum performance.

He has also done some good work for the pensioners because it is encouraging the work force of this state and I feel that the governor will appreciate that there are some areas where the ministries that are involved like the health sector, the housing sector, will be encouraged to do more.

After four years of being in the office, his score ball is quite impressive. Based on that foundation he laid within the four years, we all believe in him that the APGA government has taken over Anambra State and they will continue to win.

But if at the end of his tenure, he has not performed beyond expectations of Ndi Anambra, and then it means he is giving room for the opposite party to challenge the APGA government and probably take over but we don’t pray for that. So far, we have had a very sound and harmonious state.


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