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Father kills one-yr-old son for noise making



A ZIMBABWEAN man identified as Clemency Gurwe has been arrested for allegedly killing his one-year-old son who was ‘disturbing’ him with noise making.

Gurwe killed the baby by lifting him up with one hand, slapping him all over the body and strangling him until the boy started bleeding from the nose before his wife, Mitchell Manyangadze, wiped the blood from her son’s nose. She went to the clinic with the baby next morning but was advised to report the case to the police.

The baby was later referred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where he was discharged with weekly check-ups recommended. But he was again referred to Silveira Hospital when his condition was not improving until he eventually died.

Spokesperson for Masvingo Provincial Police, Chief Inspector Charity Mazula, confirmed the incident. Explaining that Gurwe will soon be facing murder charges after investigations are concluded.

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