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Fire outbreak has no season – Agbili



NDI Anambra have been urged to take precaution against fire outbreaks during the  rainy reason as they will do during the dry season as fire outbreak is not seasonal as it would claim lives and lead to destruction of property.

On people’s perception that there is nothing to worry about fire outbreak during the rainy season since the whole place are often wet, Director and Chief Fire Officer of Anambra State Fire Service, Martin Agbili argues that the perception is somehow true but that notwithstanding,  there is no day without incidence of fire.

“Most of the nights, we attend to fire incidents in the rainy season. Mainly, the things that got burnt are residential things. that’s where most of the fire incidents occur. We have fire outbreaks in the rainy season but you cannot compare it with that of the dry season that comes with much intensity. Most of the dry season, everywhere is dry and there are many fire outbreaks because every little combustible material can catch fire  and will attract fire outbreak that is why it appears that there no fire outbreak during rainy reason.”

Agbili stated that the causes of fire outbreak remain the same and result mainly from cooking gas, candle, from not switching off electrical appliances when it is supposed to be. “People always fail to switch off electrical appliances. This often is the cause of fire incidence at all seasons. The cause of fire outbreak remains the same, and at whatever point  it  will come.”

The state Chief Fire Officer urged ndi Anambra to take precautions irrespective of the season because fire outbreak doesn’t announce its coming. “There is more of danger of fire outbreak during rainy season because it comes unexpected. Residential homes are normally affected. Unlike the season where burning of bushes is common and often leads to fire outbreak, this period  people should be careful how they handle liquefied gases and flammable liquids”, he said.

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