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Market leader highlights gains in industrialising Nnewi



ADVANCEMENT in industries and technologies in Nnewi has been described as unequaled in Anambra State.

Speaking from his office in Nnewi, the chairman, New Auto Spare Parts Association (NASPA), Obinna Okechukwu, said that his broad based executive committee was bent on maintaining peace and calmness until government’s decision to bring an elected executive after their mandated tenure.

Okechukwu said that Anambra State was number one on security issues in the country, hence investors have gradually established their envisaged purposes. He singled out Governor Willie Obiano as the  most concerned leader on the security of property and lives of ndi Anambra and pledged their continued loyalty to his dynamic administration.

He gave the governor high percentage on achievements in his first tenure and regarded his second tenure in office as another bumper service to the people of Anambra State. He was appreciated the existence of water services, electricity, sanitary maintenance in their respective conveniences for members and customers of NASPA in the market.

He re-iterated the high boost Nnewi Urban has attained through individual technological labour  like Chief  Dr. Inno Chukwuma, who manufactures vehicles of all caliber in Nnewi and has remained a big pride in African continent; Chief Cletus Ibeto’s  cement sector, Chief Sir Chika Okafor, a pioneer in oil lubricants, Ngobros on baby napkins and Kotec Group (Tummy Tummy).

He said that NASPA operates a vibrant task force that has glittering eyes to trap dubious steps and punishes erring members who insult customers or passersby and identified members of the team of NASPA in the market management as, Obinna Okechukwu-Chairman, Chief Virginus Nwafor Uzoh, Vice Chairman and  B. Ezechukwu, Secretary among others.

He finally commended the disciplinary task force of the New Auto Parts Association for apprehending a fake honey hawker in the market and urged them to keep the trend up in order to halt such nefarious infiltrators into all the markets at Nnewi, especially motorcycle spare parts sector that has huge population membership.

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