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Self medication can lead to death – Onyeka



PEOPLE with medical issues have been urged to consult trained and licensed medical personnel to diagnose and treat them rather than resorting to self-medication. Health requires utmost care and must be paid a premium attention.

Self-medication, based on symptoms is unhealthy practice that could put patient’s life at risk. Often, people on self-medication overlook the challenges it poses not only to self but to the well-being of the society.

Medical Director, Shekinah Hospital and Maternity, Awka, Dr. Ifeanyi Onyeka stated this while speaking to National Light. Dr. Onyeka maintained that self-medication could lead to many health complications.

“Self-medication suggests improper diagnoses of the ailment, then there is the issue of not taking the right dose, beside been exposed to fake drugs. Such people are not aware of the side effects of self medication. The adverse effects may not have immediate solution, which could lead to death.”

Dr. Onyeka said many people think when they have headache, that it is either typhoid or malaria, which is not usually true. “Most of them think that malaria is the cause of illness but through proper diagnosis, a patient could rule out other things or confirm the existence of some disease conditions in addition to the one the patient thinks it is.

Another thing is that self-medication makes someone feel there is symptom and buys drug prescribed by self and what that means is drug abuse. The ultimate of all this is toxicity or death because there is some medications that should be given at a particular pace.”

Speaking further, Dr. Onyeka stated that most people in this category thinks they are trying to reduce cost and the time they go into complications that are sometimes life threatening they discover they are not only paying double of that but battling to salvage damage, which perhaps could be reversed at a high cost or in some instances battling irreparable loss.

Dr. Onyeka urged patients to always seek the advice of medical personnel as this who will do the proper diagnosis, knowing the drug, the right investigation, taking history of the patient, where necessary and will make the medical personal arrive at the right diagnosis, and will actually help in the right treatment.

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