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I’m a huge fan of Kevin Owens – Stonecold



WWE Hall of Famer, Steve Austin famously known as Stonecold has admitted to being a Kevin Owen fan.

During an interview, he talked about Kevin Owens’ version of the Stunner. Here is what he had to say:

“I would give it a B+. I’m a huge K.O. fan, but I’ve seen a couple of the deliveries that have been a little off.”

“He’s timing it up and he’s coming up — he’s got a little bit of a different finesse to it than I did. But I soon think he’ll achieve A to A+ status if practice makes perfect, and they gotta let him turn that thing loose. I enjoy watching him use it and I’m glad someone is using it. And I’m glad it’s him.”

However on smackdown this week, Kevin Owens invited Shane McMahon to the KO Show and asked him to put his career on the line at Summerslam, which Shane denied. Elias attacked Owens from behind and Shane joined him. Owens fought back, with a stunner to Elias on the announce table, but the numbers game soon caught up.

Shane rolled the announce table over Owens who got trapped under it. Shane continued the beatdown and other referees had to interfere and pull him back.

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