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Koscielny bids Arsenal goodbye



FORMER Arsenal defender sparked wrath from the Gunners faithful after failing to report for pre-season duty. The 33-year-old’s future at the club had been under a cloud of doubt prior to the summer fiasco but the center-back did the unsavory by going on protest and refusing to travel for the club’s USA tour.

His intention was to force a return to his home country and this caused a backlash from Arsenal fans, many of whom considered him to be a modern-day legend at the club. He would later go on to get his wish of leaving the Emirates Stadium, signing for Ligue 1’s Bordeaux, and added insult to injury with his announcement video.

In the clip, Koscielny is seen in last season’s Arsenal jersey before removing it and tossing it to the floor to unveil his new color: the dark blue of Les Girondins.

This angered Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, who took to Twitter to slam the former club captain. The Englishman was critical of the Frenchman’s protest and took to social media to blast the defender for disrespecting his club of nine years.

“This hurts. The level of disrespect. You should be ashamed for the way you’ve left the club after 9 years!”

Got what you wanted and still trying to have a dig. Hope it’s worth it in the long run,” he wrote on Twitter.

Laurent himself took to Instagram to defend his move but bid farewell to his home of nine years nonetheless. In north London, he rose to become a highly-rated center-back who was linked with Bayern Munich at one point and thus made sure to show his gratitude to the Gunners.

“After 9 years spent at Arsenal, I took the decision to leave,” the player, known as Kosc the Boss, wrote.

“I have spent wonderful years with this club, nine years during which i learned, evolved, grew up.

“This experience made me the player I am today. My decision to leave has been discussed for months with my club, my teammates, my coach, and it has been a well thought decision.

“I see this departure like a new turning point in my life as a player but also in in my life as a man and a family man.

“However I hope you understand, and in any case i cannot be thankful enough for these years past at Arsenal. I am aware of everything that the club and you supporters have brought to me. But it is time for me to go home so today my will is to join Bordeaux.

“This is a new challenge that I count on taking with determination.”

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