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WWE: Kofi reveals he almost quit



DESPITE being one of the most popular superstars to date, Kofi Kingston almost gave up on wrestling all-together.

The current WWE Champion and New Day Member, Kofi Kingston admitted in a recent interview he was considering leaving the wrestling business behind. Now, he is the WWE Champion and has won numerous tag team championships with his friends of The New Day.

Most stories of wrestlers who want to leave the WWE come down to the same thing. They are usually unhappy with their role within the company, as was the case for Tye Dillinger, Dean Ambrose and many other wrestlers who left the company in the past. The same applied to Kofi Kingston, who seemed to be doomed to remain on the B-list despite his lengthy tenure within the company.

Things would soon change though, as Big E and Xavier Woods approached Kofi with an idea. The idea would be a new faction, which we now know as The New Day. At the time, Kofi was uncertain whether or not to go ahead with the idea, as he was quite unhappy at the time and found his career to be quite monotonous. When asked what changed his mind during the interview, Kofi simply stated the following.

“Woods and E, without them I wouldn’t be here” – Kofi Kingston

Interestingly, neither Woods or E were happy with their position within the company at the time, so this opportunity was certainly not given to them. The idea came from the group and it has led to some of the best wrestling television in history

Kofi Kingston has a match scheduled at Summerslam, However, he will be taken on none other than Randy Orton, a man known as the legend killer.

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