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Akwuukwu women give succor to ten widows



WOMEN wing of Akwuukwu Improvement Union (AIU) has donated bags of rice as succor to indigent widows in their community. They also charged wives to support their husbands financially.

These were part of the women’s annual general meeting that held at the community hall, Akwuukwu, Idemili South Local Government Area over the weekend.

Speaking during the event, Community Women leader, Mrs. Juliana Obi said that her administration introduced donation of bags of rice to ensure that widows lack no food during their mourning period.

Mrs. Obi said that during the mourning period the bereaved women who were customarily restricted from certain commercial activities sometimes undergo difficult times after losing the breadwinner of the family.

“Giving widows bags of rice is one of the ways we assist our fellow women who lost their husbands; you know that their movements are restricted during the mourning period.”

“We have given 10 bags to 10 women. This will enable them to feed their family until they are able to move around as any other person to fend for themselves.”

According to Mrs. Obi, “the widows include Ogbuchukwu Caroline, Ogbuchukwu Bridget, Onwuameze Florence, Onwunaba Joy, Nonye Azuka, Chinwe Ofokaja, Nzelu Blessing, Ojukwu Juliana, Ezeh Theresa and Ikeani Ifeoma.”

Responding on behalf of the widows, Mrs. Ogbuchukwu Caroline, a mother of five was full of joy and prayed that God will continue to bless the present leadership of AIU women.

“I feel so happy to be remembered. We cannot thank you enough because it has not been easy coping without my husband. God will bless Akwukwu women’s leadership,” said Ogbuchukwu Caroline.

Moreover, Mrs. Obi stressed the need for married women to be gainfully employed to enable them support their husband as co-breadwinners, saying “gone were days when women remain ordinary housewives.

“Two heads are better than one. Women as helpers to their husbands should work very hard for the well being of their families as breadwinner.

“Before, women answer names like Oriaku, Odoziaku  but nowadays we should be Osodiemes. Supporting our husbands financially, morally and materially”, said Mrs. Obi

Meanwhile, AIU Women Wing Vice President, Mrs. Ndidi Muokwuba advised women who prefer putting seductive dresses or men’s attire to desist from such, urging flirtatious women to amend their ways.

“It is very bad for a married woman to be putting on seductive dresses as some youths or leave their husbands and be flirting with other men. Respect your marital vows,” said Muokwuba.

Also, the secretary, Mrs. Ogechukwu Obiezue admonished women to stop leaving the upkeep of their homes in the hands of their house helps to avoid raising untrained children or losing their husband’s love.

“Some women do not allow their children to do much leaving every chore in the hands of the maid. These sometimes amount raising spoilt children or their husband marrying the maid”, said Obiezue.

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