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Anambra ICT Bill passes second reading



A BILL for a law to establish Anambra Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Agency and Related Matters has been read for the second time at the Anambra State House of Assembly.

Majority leader, member representing Awka south 1, Nnamdi G. Okafor, at plenary, moved the motion. He was seconded by Deputy Minority leader, member representing Anaocha 1, Ebele Ejiofor

Leading the motion, Okafor submitted, “this is a very important bill. Almost everything in the world is driven by ICT. The biggest and most capitalized companies are ICT driven”.

“This is one of the tools to reduce unemployment. When additional jobs are created, it will help in reducing crime in the society. This agency will help in managing the E-business of the state. Through collaborating with different agencies, it will help in increasing revenue for the state. We need our Internally Generating Revenue (IGR) to be increased so as to tackle the infrastructure needs of the state and also help in paying the minimum wage and other current expenditure faced in the state. This agency will help in promoting and attracting investors. This agency, when established, will collaborate with other security agencies in fighting cyber crimes against the state and arrest them”.

Member, representing Njikoka 1 Constituency, Tim Ifedioramma, In supporting the motion said, “one of the main reasons of creating law is to regulate and bring order. If this bill is passed and the ICT Agency established, it will help in mitigating the activities of cyber crime against the state and get them arrested. This bill if passed will make the key players play according to the rules. A lot of crimes are being committed with ICT. People’s informations and accounts are being hacked. This law will empower this agency to go after miscreants. The absence of this agency has caused this state a whole lot”, he regretted

Member, representing Njikoka 2, Pete Ibida, in his submission said this bill if passed into law, will institutionalize sanity in information technology in Anambra State. By the time all the policies and laws are being implemented, those who have been taking advantages of the lop-holes will be caught. This will improve the approach of governance in the state. Computer engineering and ICT graduates will gain employment.

Member, representing Anaocha 2, Okechukwu Ejike while contributing said, “ICT is trending now. With this bill, it will be easier to pass across information across the state”. Speaking on the academic benefit, he said, “our students can always visit the labs for research purposes. ICT companies will develop interest in the state. It will be a touch light to track internet fraudsters. Some of those who indulge in this act don’t see it as a crime because there is no law to checkmate them.

On his part, member representing Aguata 2 Constituency Okechukwu Okoye (House Committee Chairman on Information) said “information leads to transformation. This bill will establish a link to foreign and international universities as regards making research and investigations without spending huge amount of money traveling. Ndi-Anambra who are in Diaspora will know and have ideas about the happenings down here.

Member, representing Anambra East. Obinna Chris Emeneka and Member, representing Aguata 1 Constituency, Carter Nnamdi Umeh, in their submissions, said “even though this bill is belated. The world is now revolving. People are already on ICT.  Passing of this bill will make us compete with the global system as new entrance”

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