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Coast’s clear with more hardwork – Tim Menakaya



I ALWAYS have a wonderful dream about Anambra State. That was why I was the Secretary General of Anambra State Movement that fought for the creation of the state.

But for Anambra to continue with the development that she has already started in education, health and culture should be emphasised and given a lot of attention, which has already started but must be sustained and a lot of efforts should be  put in it.

We have one of the best infrastructure in the country today except that the federal government roads have become an embarrassment to us. But we must strive to land to ultimate development as a model to be copied by other states in the country. I expect it to become one of the developed countries in the world.

If it can be done between this period after civil war, I am sure everybody is poised for a stronger and better performance in Anambra State. Like I said, Anambra people are hardworking, very focused and don’t give up. Most other people would have given up after the civil war but we didn’t give up and we can’t give up now despite questions and distractions.

It can be achieved with good governance if we are lucky within this period to have some people like those we have already had in Anambra State for the past 17 years or so.

Then it can be achieved, because leadership is very important and anybody coming to Anambra will be expected to continue adding to the achievements that others have done in the past.

So we need a well-focused leader or governor who will know that he has only one function, and that function is to develop Anambra State and that is why Anambra State should vote that person into government.

So all these things can be achieved peacefully if we have peace and allowed to develop at our own pace. If there is peace both in country and state; if there is no peace in a state or  there is no peace in the country, it will be disturbing everybody and people know what to do but they don’t want to do it.   And if restructuring is done, all states have the right to develop at their own pace.

Finally, I wish Anambra people and our hardworking governor many happy returns for Anambra State, and pray that God will at all times,  protect us and guide them and us in everything we do. (Dr Menekaya is one time  Minister of Health.

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